Seraph Beelzebub (熾天使(セラフ)のベルゼバブ, Serafu no Beruzebabu), also called Sky Warrior God (空の軍神, Sora no Gunjin), is the strongest of the Fallen Angels.


In the beginning of the film, Beelzebub and the rest of fallen angels kill Gold Saints left in the Sanctuary . At the foot of the Statue of Athena , Lucifer descends to Earth, and cut the head of the statue. Then return to the same place, where Athena and several Bronze Saints have discovered the statue. Lucifer tells Athena that must make sacrifices, or return the Earth to Poseidon , Abel and Eris . The players try to attack Lucifer, but are defeated by Beelzebub and his companions. Los Angeles return to their temple, the Pandemonium where they expect the sacrifice of Athena.

When the Bronze Saints try to help Athena, Cherub Ashtaroth and Beelzebub will close the road. Shiryu shuts off them for  peers to continue. Beelzebub and Astaroth trying to get rid of Shiryu, but they can. Astaroth is who takes the reins of combat, while Belcebu spectator remains until the end of combat, flying out. After the victory of Shiryu on Astaroth, Beelzebub attacks him with his Hell Garuda Wing, destroying what little remains of his cloth. Shiryu indicates that despite their defeat has fulfilled its mission. Beelzebub retracted position and returns to the central temple of Pandemonium.

When Seiya gets there, Beelzebub will close the road to get to Athena. Seiya tries unsuccessfully to defeat Beelzebub, and falls down the stairs several times to take the hits from it. Seiya just the armor destroyed, but remains committed to arrest Athena, Beelzebub is determined to kill Seiya, but when it is about to deliver the coup de grace, Shun stops Beelzebub using its brand . Beelzebub tries a new attack, but this time it Hyoga which prevents the attack reaches Seiya. Beelzebub tries to follow Seiya, but Shiryu comes between them. Beelzebub  eliminated Shiryu, but when going to attack Seiya, binding of Cosmo of the Bronze Saints makes the Sagittarius Gold Cloth reach the Pandemonium and invests Seiya. Beelzebub attacks him with his Garuda Wing Hell, but Seiya is able to stop it and counters with the  Pegasus Sui Sei ken . Beelzebub is unable to avoid the attack and is removed.


Garuda Hellwing (ガルーダ・ヘルウイング, Garūda Heruuingu): Beelzebub takes a big leap into the air, stretching his arms and makes their opponent moving to become a Garuda (the king of birds). Then again Beelzebub its original form and swoops down on his opponent. During the fall, the body of this fallen angel metamorphoses again in the form of a Garuda, this time engulfed in flames and eventually tipped a powerful knee to his opponent.

Between Fiction and Mythology Edit

  • The meaning of Beelzebub is "Lord of the Flies". He was a god feared and worshipped by the Philistine people, neighbors to the Hebrews before the Roman Empire.
  • In demonology, Beelzebub is one of the seven princes of Hell.
  • Garuda, named in Beelzebub's Hell Garuda Wing technique, is the king of birds and the mount of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology.



  • Beelzebub has the aura of a Garuda. In Indian mythology, Garuda is a mighty lord of all birds and the special mount of the virtuous god Vishnu.
  • Beelzebub uses a horse to move through the ethereal Pandemonium.</p>
  • Beelzebub is presented as "The Fiery Angel".

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