Sea Horse Scale

The Sea Horse Scale (シーホーススケイル, Shīhōsu Sukeiru) is the Scale of the Marine General Baian, Guardian of the North Pacific Pillar, in Saint Seiya. It is the Scale of a Marine General, the Gold Saint equivalent.


In ancient myth, Hippocamps (aka Sea Horses) were known to be under Poseidon's dominion, as he is God of the Sea, and of Horses. In some depictions the Sea Horse is seen as what pulls Poseidon's undersea chariot.

Hermes, With GillsEdit

Baian first appeared in volume 14 of Saint Seiya as the Marine General who is protecting the North Pacific Pillar. He was the first of the Marine Generals to be challenged by a Saint in order to protect his Pillar. He had to face off against Seiya, and at first was successful, blocking all of his attacks, and knocking him away, and even through the entire Ocean with powerful attacks. But, his secret was quickly discovered by Seiya, and Baian was last seen with a broken Scale, falling to Seiya's attacks.

Special Abilities of the Sea Horse ScaleEdit

The Sea Horse Scale never shows any particular special ability beyond that of the other Marine General Scales.

Techniques used by Sea Horse MarinersEdit

Baian uses three major techniques during his fight with Seiya.

  • God's Breath (ゴッドブレス, Goddo Puresu) is an offensive technique used by Baian when battling Seiya. Baian takes in a breath of air and releases it with his cosmo, blowing his foe away with an intense force.
  • Rising Bellows (ライジングビロウズ, Raijingu Birouzu): is the ultimate offensive technique used by Baian, when battling Seiya. Baian thrusts his hand in a sweeping motion towards the sky. This releases a strong force that sends the foe flying into the air. It's so powerful, it sent Seiya from below the North Pacific Ocean all the way to the surface with one strike.
  • Unnamed Barrier Technique: During his fight with Seiya, Baian appeared to be immune to Seiya's Ryu Sei Ken. As it turned out, he had a defensive technique much like Lizard Misty's own. Baian quickly moves his hands up and down, creating a barrier of air. Only, this barrier is done at the Speed of Light. However, the moisture in the air revealed ripples that gave away his secret.

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