Jan is the Saint of Scutum, his class have only been confirmed with a question mark as Silver.Jan appeared in the first Saint Seiya movie called "Jashin Eris" were he was part of a group of revived Saints called "Ghost Five". His technique is Bone Crush Screw.

Plot Overview

Jan is a Saint that apparently died in vain. This may well have been caused by his straightforward and jump-into-action personality. As he was restless in his grave, he gladly accepted Eris' offer, and was soon revived and given a new body[1]. He faced off against Dragon Shiryu and to his advantage, as the Scutum Cloth has a stronger shield than the Dragon Cloth. In a mere minute, he had defeated Shiryu, but by gravely underestimating the Dragon Saint was soon defeated as Shiryu unleashed all of his Cosmo into one single attack.

Concept & Creation

With the success of the Saint Seiya franchise in both anime & manga form, a movie was proposed by Toei. Masami Kurumada participated in the production and after 3 months he contributed with the new Saints. Jan is named after Jan Sobieski III who the Scutum constellation was made in honor of. As the Lyra & Sagitta Cloths was created by Kurumada for the movie and later appeared in the original story, many assume the Scutum Cloth will too. Scutum Jan was originally named Shield Jan, but for some reason "Shield" was replaced with the Japanese word for it, most likely to decrease any confusion.


This is the original design of the Scutum Silver Cloth as done by Masami Kurumada. Jan likely earned the cloth many years prior to the series, and had it returned, in an altered state, after his revival. Like most Silver Cloth's original forms, it covers a decent amount of the body, between Bronze Cloths and Gold Cloths. The Cloth seems to have a large, powerful shield, that surpasses even the Bronze Dragon Shield. The Cloth was last seen as Jan was defeated.



Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of Tateza

The Tateza Silver Cloth has a mighty shield, which was able to take blows from the Dragon Bronze Cloth, and damage both it's fist and shield.


Bone Crush Screw : is an offensive technique used by Jan in the first movie. Jan leaps into the air while spinning his body around. He continues to speed up until he delivers a powerful kick to the foe.


  1. Time: 26:50/Ikki:You mean that your bones were revived from your grave?/Orpheus: No, not our bones. Eris called us back and gave us new bodies.