The Scutum Cloth is the cloth of the revived Saint Jan in Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths


The Scutum constellation was based on a more modern figure than most constellations, being named for King Jan III Sobiesk (where the Saint gets his name), after his successful battles. Scutum is Latin for Shield.

He Should Have Gone With "A"

While not appearing in the manga and anime, the Scutum Silver Cloth appeared in the first Saint Seiya movie, Evil Goddess Eris. Jan was a revived Saint (aka a Ghost Saint), and was given this version of the Cloth. In the end, it was damaged and left behind, the ghost having been beaten.

Previous War

While the Cloth exists in the previous era, wearers of the Cloth have not been seen in the past.

Special Abilities

The Scutum Silver Cloth has a mighty shield, which was able to take blows from the Dragon Bronze Cloth, and damage both it's fist and shield.


In the movie, Jan uses one major technique are used in the series.

  • Bone Crush Screw: is an offensive technique used by Jan in the first movie. Jan leaps into the air while spinning his body around. He continues to speed up until he delivers a powerful kick to the foe.


  • In Saint Seiya Online the Scutum Cloth is one of Bronze Cloths.