This entry is based exlusively in a fanmade character and does not contain any official material. Demetrius is an early Saints generation Seiya. It was formed by Shion itself, before the Pope; it is therefore a classmate Mü. He knows it very well repair and restore armor, too. He led a dozen apprentices knights and made the new Ophiuchus Shaina Saint. He was also the staff recommended Shion. But after Saga took place, he was dismissed, without understanding why. He had doubts about the Pope, he had changed so much! But it was after that everything changed for him when he saw his friend Camille, who gave him his bad omen. She was murdered by henchmen of Pope tonight! He had always believed the visions of his girlfriend, very often right. This time he had to act. He presented himself before the Pope and asked him for an explanation! Outraged, Saga also attempted to eliminate it, but Demetrius managed to parry his shot and fled. Saga launched guards at his heels accusing him of treason. Demetrius had no more choice and resolve to flee with Camille and other Silver Saints, also convinced of the imposture of the Pope! However, he returned to the Sanctuary, once everything had calmed down and then offers its services to Shiryu, the new Pope that welcomes with open arms; but to keep his identity secret, he must wear a silver mask. It is a valuable aid to Shiryu, who appointed official steward of the Sanctuary. It is also responsible to restore damaged or destroyed during Armor Holy War. He sees Shina, but it does not recognize

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