Zaphiri du Scorpion

Scorpio Zaphiri (蠍座(スコーピオン)のザフィリ, Sukōpion no Zafiri) is one of the 88 Saints Athena known as the Saints who protect their goddess through the different generations. Zaphiri is also one of the 12 Gold Saints that is protected by the constellation Scorpio and is therefore the Cloth.

History Edit

After betraying the Sanctuary, Zaphiri reached the frozen wastes of Blue Graad, however Pisces Lugonis, sent by Pope, Sage, follows close.

Lugonis warns Zaphiri return to the Sanctuary or will be forced to regard him as a deserter what Zaphiri replied that it was too late because Pope Sage probably not grant a pardon and then attacks the Holy Pisces while saying that he They have been sent as a murderer, but this quickly protects Piranhan Rose, Zaphiri warns him not have time to "play" and that if it continues to pursue him he attacked with all their might then Lugonis asks the reason why two Gold Saints fight and reveals that he had been sent in order to know the reasons for Zaphiri to betray the Sanctuary as both Kyoko, Sage as he trusted the Scorpio Zaphiri, to hear this Zaphiri starts laughing and then Zaphiri and Lugonis face made that he is committed to living in solitude, Zaphiri also reveals that he could not stand the tranquility that Kyoko and Shrine shown to the possible resurrection of the Specters to hear this Lugonis asked "to do so if He has lost faith in his fellow "while Zaphiri says that Athena was not born yet and that must be years before he can give orders to the Saints and maybe when they act it is too late to protect the world what he has decided to betray the shrine and use the power of the god Poseidon to face Hades, after this revelation two Gold Saints prepare tocontinue their battle, but then they are interrupted by Ilias who tells Zaphiri nature do not want bloodshed to hear this Zaphiri smiles as she says she has noticed and then falls to his knees before revealing to his partner and himself to Lugonis that used the Scarlet Needle 15 needles in his body.

Zaphiri says that was his decision and that he was aware of the crime committed and that even his own life could not pay for his crime, Zaphiri finally dies before his peers.

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