Scorpio Ecarlate (蠍座のエカルラート, Sukōpion no Ekarurāto) is one of the 88 Saints Athena known as the Saints who protect their goddess through the different generations. Ecarlate is also one of the 12 Gold Saints that is protected by the constellation Scorpio and is therefore the Cloth. It has the peculiarity of having the invisible body.


He will meet Shiryu of the dragon at the eighth home of the zodiac, he will fight with him using the scorpion techniques. At the end of the duel he will pass Shiryu, convinced by his great courage.


  • Restriction (リストリクション, risutorikushon):Ecarlate uses his Cosmo energy to stop the movements of his opponents.
  • Scarlet Needle (スカーレットニードル, sukāreto nīdoru): Ecarlate launches a crimson needle to 14 parts of the body either direct or indirectly to poison opponents, make them bleed, and scream in pain, losing their 5 senses in the process. The attack is impossible to divert or defend against. Each needle represents one of the stars of the Scorpius constellation. He can shoot however many needles he wants at the same time up to 14 and even in multiple targets. The holes of the needles draw a miniature of the Scorpius constellation on the body of the victim.
  • Antares (アンタレス, antaresu): The final attack of Scarlet Needle which the star Antares literally means 'equal to Mars'. If the enemy has not yet been defeated after 14 Scarlet Needles, Ecarlate uses Antares. Whoever receives 14 Scarlet Needles and Antares will die. However if Antares is not delivered, the victim might survive and gradually recover over a period of a few days given the massive blood loss.