Scorpio Cloth is the cloth of Milo in original Saint Seiya, Kardia in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and Ecarlate in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is one of the 12 highest-class cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Clothes, which correspond to the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.


The Scorpius constellation on which this Cloth is derived was based on the mythic Scorpion sent by Gaea to execute the hunter Orion. Orion had threatened to kill all beasts of the Earth, spurring Gaea into action against him. In another version of the myth, Apollo sent the scorpion after Orion to protect his sister Artemis's purity, as she had become unsually close to Orion. In both tales, the Scorpion was sent to the skies as a constellation for its service.


Saint Seiya

Milo is the Saint trained at Milos Island (located in Greece) who is seen having ownership of this cloth throughout the entirety of the series. Having been trained years before the birth of the modern Athena by an unknown master, the cloth was likely kept in the Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Milo first appeared in volume 7 of the manga, under the summons of the Pope. He was supposed to have been sent to hunt the Bronze Saints, but was instead remained in the Sanctuary, revealing his suspicions regarding the Pope's true identity. He eventually would fight Cygnus Hyoga, and was able to deal a nigh deadly blow, at the cost of his armor being frozen. Because the only reason he stood standing after sparring with Hyoga was due to his Gold Cloth's protection, he admitted defeat.

Later, in the Hades Arc, he played an important role in using the Athena Exclamation attack against the invading dead Gold Saints revived by Hades. He was eventually trapped in Hell when trying to help the 5 Bronze Saints get to Hades. He returned from being frozen in Cocytus, and combined his powers with the other Gold Saints to destroy the Wall of Lamentations, dying in the process.

The Lost Canvas

Scorpio Kardia was the Guardian of the eighth house of Sanctuary in Lost Canvas. In Lost Canvas, he is a fighting addicted warrior with a heart condition that shortens his life. He is friends with the Aquarius Gold Saint of that era, Aquarius Degel, and helps him with his journey to Bluegraad. During the course of the trip, he has to face Wyvern Rhadamanthys, and shows new techniques, pushing his body to the limit during the fight to kill Rhadamanthys. Dégel attempts to help him, but Kardia's body gives out shortly after they leave, with his red nail remaining all that is left of him.


In its natural resting state, the Gold Cloth of Scorpio appears as the mythical scorpion it is derived from. Its head armor piece and chest plate comprise its head and body respectively, while its limbs are random plates of protection that do not immediately seem to be of any use.

Upon assuming its armored form, the Scorpio Cloth's tail becomes attached to the back of the head armor piece and the scorpion's limbs attach to the arms and legs of its wearer. Despite the head piece not offering much protection, the fact that Gold Cloths have a will of their own would seem to imply that the tail's fang could be used both as a defensive feature and counter-attacking measure. Like most Gold Cloths, it provides the wearer with significantly more defense than its lesser counterparts, covering the vast majority of the wearer's body and only freezing at the temperature of absolute zero. The Scorpio Gold Cloth seems to be unique in that it could be the source of the poison used by the Scorpio Saints' attacks.

The Cloth was last seen in the Hades Arc, at the Wall of Lamentations, where Milo perished in the process of giving the 5 Bronze Saints one last chance of defeating Hades. Because none of the Bronze Saints were born under the sign of Scorpio, it was not one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon.