The Satellites (月衛士 (サテライト), Sateraito) are a group of women who are faithful to Artemis and defend their temple are known as satellites


This group appeared in the manga sequel to the classic series Saint Seiya: Next Dimension-Myth of Hades sequel canon by Masami Kurumada, faithful to the goddess Artemis.  These girls are the warriors of Artemis, they all have a bow and arrows to pierce the intruders, but their shells, however, are insufficient to cross protection, such as Rolling Defense Shun.</span> It is possible that with the saints, Marine or specter, that there various degrees of power, with an elite class that has not yet been submitted. Satellites present in the Temple of the Moon using a headband as rabbit ears, while members of the commando unit that evokes protective clothing and a reptilian look more masculine.

Not much is known about Satellite, except that reside primarily in the Sanctuary of Artemis at the foot of Olympus, this temple is protected by many archer (the Satellites of course) wearing armor identical to each other (probably are simply soldiers) and their leader Callisto . There is a special body attack, commanded by Lascoumune. The satellites are referred to as "guardians" of the sanctuary of the Moon. All Satellites have as a weapon an arc. Satellites also appears in the manga Saint Seiya Saintia Sho. A clear link between Saint Seiya Next Dimension and Saintia Sho.

Dark Satellites

Satellite Commandos

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