Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate-Cosmo Jacket
Saint Seiya Omega - Ultimate Cosmo is of games Saint Seiya. The game is based on Saint Seiya Omega. The history is unprecedented. The date of release is the 29/11/12.

Playable CharactersEdit

Bronze SaintsEdit

Silver SaintsEdit

Gold SaintsEdit



  • Julian Solo (Omega)
  • Siren Sorrento (Omega)
  • Kōga with the Triton Scale
  • Sōma wiht the Triton Scale
  • Yuna with the Triton Scale
  • Ryūhō with the Triton Scale
  • Haruto with the Triton Scale
  • Eden with the Triton Scale

Exclusive TechniquesEdit

Pegasus KōgaEdit

  • Pegasus Kōsoku Ken

Aquila YuneEdit

  • Aquila Hurricane

Dragon RyūhōEdit

  • Suihaikō
  • Rozan Daibakufu
  • Rozan Ryūrinjun

Wolf HarutoEdit

  • Fuji-ryū: Fūton no jutsu Shinkûgiri
  • Fuji-ryū: Doton no jutsu
  • Fuji-ryū: Utsusemi no jutsu

Orion EdenEdit

  • Orion Plasma
  • Orion Sphere
  • Noir Impact
  • Noir Big Bang

Andromeda Shun (Omega)Edit

  • Rolling Defense

Hydrus IchiEdit

  • Paralyze Rain
  • Hydrus Wave

Ophiuchus Shaina (Omega)Edit

  • Snake Rampage
  • Lightning Rampage

Peacock PavlinEdit

  • Peacock Ice Bullet
  • Pecock Tornado

Sagittarius SeiyaEdit

  • Shin Pegasus Ryūsei Ken

Capricorn IoniaEdit

  • Reflection Language
  • Capricorn Horn's Last
  • Dominator Combination

Leo MycenaeEdit

  • Hōkō
  • Regulus Blast
  • Beast Fall
  • Lightning Plasma

Aries KikiEdit

  • Teleport
  • Crystall Wall
  • Stardust Revolution

Hornet SoniaEdit

  • Sonic Boom




  • Within Ichi short his element, the Earth.


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