Saint Seiya Myth Cloth are the  action figures (also,called toys) of Saint Seiya.

The Myth Cloth gives you action figure to stuff character with a cloth pieces (hats and many more) there are rewieves of many characters.Myth Cloth haves many characters figure.With those Myth Cloth action figures you can change character's faces Myth Cloth haves Omega and Lost Canvas (Tenma only) characters..And,haves a lot cloths (also,Gold Cloths) and,also haves effect action figures and,also there are Gold Saints God Cloth.

Kind of action figure cloths:

God Cloths. Edit

Gold cloths.

Bronze Cloths.

God Gold Cloths.

Action Figures:

Yuk i hate those guys lol but,for wikia

Asgard Saints Myth Cloth.


Pegasus Meteor (Ryu Sei Ken) action figure effect.

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Myth Cloth Seiya.

Girls saint seiya myth cloth by aioros87-d6fif89

Myth Cloth Female Characters.

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Myth Cloth Gold Saints' cloths.

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