Saint Seiya Rebirth is the first webseries made in Italy, that take Saint Seiya in a live action version. It has been subtitled in 4 languages and get over 2.500.000 of views, directed by Carlo Trevisan, an italian indepedent director, actor and filmaker.[1] [2]

Saintseiyaliveaction june

Is a fan movie no profit and unofficial, nevertheless the reception of the fans has been significantly positive, so the series was presented in many important events about comics, movies and Saint Seiya like the Lucca Comics.[3] [4] [5][6] All the episodes were cutted and edited to make a full lenght movie, that was presents in the Saint Seiya Dubsters/Voice actors reunions, at Cartoon Club - Rimini Comics 2013 in the event "Sotto le stelle di 

Seiya" (under Seiya's stars).

All the live action was dubbed by the original voices of the series, like Ivo De Palma, Tony Fuochi, Danja Cericola and many others.[7][8]


SS movie r

The plot is about a sequel from the Hades Chapter, wich have a sequel in the comic (Next Dimension), but not in the anime. Was choosen to follow the continuity of Lost Canvas.

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  • In Saint Seiya Omega there are many quotes from this series, even Rebirth isn't official. Like the shirt of Shun, the return of the Steel Saints, Kiki become a Gold Saint, the son of Shiryu, etc...
  • In 2013 the series overcome 2.000.000 views on the youtube channel.
  • The first episode get 100.000 views in one month.
  • Every episode was shooted in Italy.


Title Release
0 Prologue open the movie at Cartoon Club 2013
1 Shun Redemption 2011
2 Return from Hades 2011
3 A new Dragon 2011
4 Phoenix' Destiny 2012
5 Mistery from ice 2012
6 Light vs Darkness - part 1 preview at Lucca Comics 2012
7 Light vs Darkness - part 2 preview at Lucca Comics 2013


In additions to the episodes, there are two specials, a live action version of the Chikiyuugi theme, and a live action version of the famous intro theme Pegasus Fantasy.


  • 2014 - Rome Web Awards
    • Won Best Costume Design
    • Nomination Best War&Action Series
    • Nomination Best Costume Design
    • Nomination Best Visual Effects
    • Nomination Best Villain to Damiano Verrocchi plays Baal


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