Masami Kurumada and Shiori Teshirogi launched a new spinoff series called Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Gaiden. The Gaiden spinoff continued to tell the Golden Legend of the twelve Gold Saints. The gaiden of Lost Cavans as the manga Lost Cavans same, are not canonical stories, so unnecessary to the story of the original Saint Seiya.

List of GaidenEdit

According to the information from the original 1986 manga, The Lost Canvas is set around 1745.

Episode Time Location
Set in the 1720's (before the Lost Canvas)
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 10 - Sagittarius Sisyphus 1729 Greece
Set in the late 1730's (before the Lost Canvas)
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 1 - Pisces Albafica 1730's Greece
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 2 - Scorpius Cardia 1730's Mexico
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 3 - Aquarius Dégel 1730's France
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 4 - Cancer Manigoldo 1730's Venice[1]
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 5 - Capricornus El Cid 1730's Spain[2]
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 7 - Leo Regulus 1730's Ireland
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 8 - Virgo Asmita 1730's Underworld
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 11 - Gemini Aspros 1730's  ?
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 12 - Gemini Defteros 1730's Sanctuary
Set in the 1750's (after the Lost Canvas)
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 9 - Taurus Teneo 1752[3] Greece, Sicily
The Lost Canvas Anecdote 6 - Libra Dōko 1757 China

The order the remaining Gold Saints are arranged in is currently unknown:

  1. Venice was not part of Italy at the time of the story. It never was part of Italy until 1866, about 150 years later.
  2. Specifically, Catalania, the mirage city.
  3. Taurus Rasgado's flashback story is set 14 years before Teneo's. With this in mind, Aldebaran's story is set in 1738.

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