The Saint A, SaintB , Saint C and Saint D . are gentlemen in the service of Athena during 1973, and have a pint of the same age (or less) Sagittarius Aiolos and Gemini Saga (ie 15 years). appears to be discrimar to Aioria by Parite of "Traitor" Aiolos.

Plot and OverviewEdit

The Saint that face the the small Aioria: In chapter 37 entitled "The call of the mask, what love or death?" (Kamen ga sakebu! ¿Ai ka shi ka?), Dialoguing with Seiya, Aioria of Leo recalls the "betrayal" of his brother Aiolos, who had escaped when he was taking a baby Saori, and explains how when he was a child (must be 7 years) 6 Shrine Knights entered his home, intimidated, asked about the Aiolos fugitive and mocked him to consider brother of a "traitor."

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