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Sagittarius Sisyphos (射手座のシジフォス Sajitariasu no Shijifosu?) is a Gold saint in Lost Canvas.


Hades Invasted SanctuaryEdit

When Hades appears in the sanctuary, calling for Athena, Libra Dohko, Aries Shion ,Taurus Aldebaran and Sagittarius Sisyphus gather to defend the goddess. Sisyphus points out the Arrow of Sagittarius to Hades and fires, but the god repels, hitting the heart of Sagittarius.

Stuck in the World of DreamsEdit

Although seriously wounded, Sisypus survives and is captured by Hypnos and Thanatos. The two deities trap him in the dimension of dreams. Capricorn El Cid, with the help of Sasha, invades where Sisyphe is the size and helps to rescue him. Later, Sagittarius Sisyphe shoots the arrow of justice to kill the four gods of dreams, who fought with El Cid and Tenma. The Chevalier of Capricorn divides into four parts the arrow to destroy the four gods at the same time, however, dies in the process, while defending the Pegasus. After the death of El Cid, Sisyphe becomes leader of the troops who invaded the house of Hades. The event occurred the invasion only resulted in sealing of Hypnos, which claimed the lives of Hakurei, resulted in the apparent death of Dohko, leading to flee with Shion, Yuzuhira and Tenma. Then Sisyphe remains to return to the shrine with the troops, waiting for the pegasus knight returning from his training with Defteros.

Return of the TenmaEdit

When Tenma back, stronger armor and renovated it and run with Sagittarius. Oricalco delivered by Unity and go toward Tibet, where the vessel was moved by Oricalco, invade the "Lost Canvas" in the sky with the troops Athena. Aiacos, the last of the three judges involved in the mission of the Bronze Saints and  Leo Regulus Now, with the troops and ships of both sides out of combat, locked in a bitter dispute Sisyphe against Garuda, willing to protect at all costs, what it is precious.

Sisyphe comes to giving reason that  Wolf Junker said, namely, that their hearts are united in the bonds indestructible. Then Sisyphus sends Junkers go along with Tenma, turn the boat with Pegasus Oricalco brought by himself, since he will take care of the judge of hell. Junkers Tenma and Tenma enter the boat and do not understand the significance of activating the boat. Junkers explains that the boat has a nucleus that activates the power of the boat and this boat has been done with a tree indigenous to Mount Olympus, he has the power of the gods, so that site tests that humans go there. When Tenma would ask what kind of test he hears something: is Yato, who ran after them after the order of Sisyphus. The amazing thing is that the Unicorn is trapped in a kind of root, which crushes the rider of bronze when they try to save lo.Surge Bear Douglas, which saves Unicorn Yato. Along with Bear Douglas arrives Hydra Curtis and Lionet Bleriot, who want to join the Junkers, but suddenly he held Yato begins to rise and crush everyone. Then the bear decides to stay behind for everyone to pass. They are reluctant, but accept. Later on comes a barrier of thorns. When Tenma is preparing to ravage them, Junkers keeps saying that that test was not about power then Curtis decides to use his body to make way for his companions. Even so destroying the Junkers then sees another friend of his sacrifice. Tenma rushes to put Oricalco the core of the boat, but Junkers says this is his mission. The Pegasus gives the stone to the Wolf, which puts it in the cluster of energy being consumed, but is helped by Lionet Bleriot and the cosmos of the Bear and Douglas Curtis of Hydra, which unite their power with the power boat hope.

Sagittarius vs GarudaEdit

The battle between Sagittarius Sisyphus and Garuda Aiacos is incredible. Wolf Junkers is about to fall before the power boat, but he feels the help of Bleriot Leo Minor and the powers of the Bear and Douglas Curtis Hydra. Then the bodies of the Bronze Saints disappear along with all the dangers that surrounded them. However, nothing different happens, which makes the Unicorn Yato find that all was in vain, but, suddenly, comes a range of spirits that work on the boat and the bottom are Junkers, Bleriot, Curtis and Douglas, chatting quietly. Yato runs and then dies and never comes back, but they just smile at his friend and disappear, like all other spirits. The boat begins to rise and all the soldiers of the sanctuary are amazed. Sisyphus Aiacos says that this is the power of the ties between the riders, but Aiacos laughs and says that it is very beautiful, but they belong to the mainland and point the guns of his vessel to the boat.

The action returns in Lost Canvas. Sisyphus and Aiacos shows the power boat of hope, saying that the strength of ties between the riders made it possible. The specter is astonished to see that the old wooden boat now shone like gold. At this point we can see Tenma waving a flag with the coat of Athena. The Pegasus asks that Yato navigate the boat, after all, if he tried to steer the boat, he probably would send him straight to a wall. Even reluctantly accepts the Unicorn. Aiacos decides to strike back, showing what he sees as bonds. He then calls one of his subordinates and takes his mind, killing spectrum. It uses the power of his soldiers to shoot the Conqueror of Indra. A ray flaming fires, passing close to the boat that flies in heaven, but the radius vanishes in many others, like a devastating rain of flaming feathers. When the rays were about to reach the boat, comes Sisyphus who, with thousands of arrows of light, prevents any impact, thus making him and Aiacos stand face to face again.

Aiacos and Sisyphus are face to face and fight now seems inevitable, but the judge disregards the boat of hope and makes Yato lose concentration, thus making the rider of bronze sail the boat very disastrous. Yato is not reliable due to the words of the judge of the underworld, which says that having total control over his crew from their bodies to their souls, making any error be paid at death. At this point we see the crew working and even some priests take care of Violet, still unconscious. Aiacos then attacks and Sisyphus advocates hope the boat along with Tenma, which repels the power spectra with their meteors, but the boat is hit anyway. This is explained by Aiacos created as a failure precisely because the boat will not be stable due to the incompetent crew is there. Yato is desperate to hear this and panics, but the souls of the knights of bronze help again and to hear Junkers saying that they always admired in Yato is the fact that he always give his best at the worst times. This fills the Unicorn Trust, which makes the boat of hope now to be completely stable. Sisyphus announces that since the powers of the boats are the same, now the riders will overcome the specter.

The Destruction of the boat of DarknessEdit

Aiacos is furious on the superiority of the boat of hope. Then the spectrum, not conceding the battle to stay below, creates flames that burn your boat. He uses them as weapons to attack the ship of hope and break it in two, but deviates Yato and prevent disaster. The Saints of Athena realize that the spectrum just wanted to stay above the battle to feed their pride and take an advantageous position in a matter of speed to attack. That's exactly what makes Aiacos boat on fire: he falls on the boat of hope, but when it was hit on the head, Sisyphus stops falling spectrum of the vessel with his hands. At that time, have fun Aiacos announcing the death of the subject of Sisyphus, which rages even more to see his subordinates Aiacos die by not withstand the flames that produced the Judge on the boat. Sisyphus and Aiacos calls to abandon the ship of hope, but obviously do not want to Sisyphus. Because the words of Tenma, who says they can take care of the boat and he can leave it with them, after all he is a great leader, the Gold Saint, understanding that only he could win free Aiacos, uses a new blow: the Momentum of Light Chiron (Chiron the centaur race that gave rise to the myth of Sagittarius), making the flames Aiacos go off and putting the boat back from the darkness. Now the Gold Saint of Sagittarius is to show who belongs to the ground, revealing that it is acting like a leader.

All subordinates are astonished by Sisyphus have entered extinction fire that dominated the boat of darkness, thus saving their lives. Yato and Tenma are also impressed with the power and honor of the Golden Knight of Sagittarius. Aiacos then says he does not care about their subordinates and compares them with the animal power that runs through lashes. All are horrified at the cruelty of the judge, who plays his boat against the ship of hope again, but the boat is suffering from darkness to the clash with the image of Nike, the goddess of victory, in front of the boat. The subordinate Aiacos are static, which leaves the spectrum without patience, making use again his coup. Aiacos drop your boat into the eyes of unbelievers Yuzuhira who helped Regulus, who had been unconsious after the fight with Violet, due to having been surprised by the quick arrival of Aiacos site. Both say that the fight should be unfolding between Sisyphus and Aiacos since Regulus recognizes the cosmos of Sisyphus and Violet had already announced the arrival of the judge. However, both fear for Sisyphus due to the immense power Aiacos. Now the floor Aiacos Sisyphus and stare. Aiacos says that boat has not served him more, he got rid of it. Now the fight between the two set to explode.

The nephewEdit

Sisyphus appears on a cliff and looking for a boy who watches a tomb next to the Golden Lion Armor Sisyphus asks where the user of that armor, but the boy says that the owner of that Leo was at the grave for a long time and there they would be forever. In this, the boy reveals himself as Regulus and attacks by Sisyphus think he wants to take the armor, but Sagittarius hugs with their golden wings, showing that would protect the young Regulus. All this happened not actually a memory Leo Saint in Yuzuhira arms, awaiting the progress of the battle. The vessels are on the ground, but Tenma and Yato are well. Sisyphus and Aiacos fight, but the spectrum disdains the Gold Saint, recital naive. Aiacos mark an X on the floor, saying that there will be the grave of Sisyphus. The Gold Saint Sagittarius decides to fight and shoot a light arrow in Aiacos, who defends himself with one of his subordinates. Sisyphus rages Aiacos and enjoys telling his subordinates to serve it. At this time use new blow Aiacos Flush Death Galactic Sisyphus burning inside. Aiacos then drag and uses a Garuda flight to play Sisyphus the mark of X, causing the rider of gold hit the pavement. Aiacos announces that it will do the same with subordinates of Sisyphus, but  Sagittarius Sisyphe comes back and says Aiacos not touch their filthy hands on anything that it is protecting.

The End of FightEdit

The struggle between Sisyphus and Aiacos is devastating. After receiving two blows Aiacos, Sisyphus is still standing, but the judge announces that the aftereffects of his mighty blows Flush Death Galactic are much worse and death of Sisyphus is near. The Gold Saint of Sagittarius does not seem to worry about the words of Aiacos, it says it will destroy all that protects Sisyphus. The Golden explains that he is just a shield to Athena, as well as their partners battles. Suddenly, Sisyphus with his own fingers, blinds himself by piercing his eyes. Aiacos think it's funny since his Death Glare Galactic does not attack the opponent's vision, but the brain, but Sisyphus says it wanted to avoid the blow of Aiacos to be blinded, but increase your cosmos until the eighth sense. Aiacos ignores and attacks, but the cosmos feels nice Gold Saint of Sagittarius, which awakens Tenma. Judge finds it disgusting and believes that his opponent is not alone but with his companions. Then the golden knight attacks the Judge to death with a simple power attack. Before falling, Aiacos understands that Sisyphus had been saying, but it's too late for the specter who dies before the tired Sisyphus.


Light Arrows : Sagittarius can set aside his physical arrows and make ones out of pure Cosmo. Sisyphus shoots a barrage of these to counter Garuda Aiacos' fire arrows when protecting the ship of hope. It seems to be a lesser version of Infinity Break.

Chiron's Light Impulse :A golden wind created by the pressure of Sagittarius' Cosmo gathers around him and repels harm. Sisyphus uses it to blow out Garuda Aiacos' wrathful flames and even push back the ship of darkness.


Golden Arrows : Sagittarius' most basic attack is shooting his arrow. Although it packs quite a punch on his own, it could also be enhanced by Athena with the ability to harm a god, or by the power of other Gold Saints to break through impregnable walls.


  • Sisyphus in mythology was the son of Aiolos, and the first king of Ephyra (ancient Corinth). He was a clever but cruel king, always seeking to murder his brother Salmoneus, violating hospitality rules by killing travelers and even outwitting the legendary thief Autolykos. However, Sisyphus's rule came to an end once he told the river god Asopus that Zeus had kidnapped his daughter Aegina. Furious at this indiscretion, Zeus condemned Sisyphus to die, but the king used trickery to escape both Thanatos (the personification of Death) and Persephone (the queen of the Underworld), prolonging his life. At last Zeus had Hermes drag Sisypus to Tartarus, where he was eternally punished to roll a boulder up a hill. However, right before it reached the top, it will always roll back down again, making Sisyphus's efforts repeatedly useless.
  • Sisyphus is very similar in appearance to the Knight of the twentieth century Sagittarius, Sagittarius Aiolos, to the point that both have a red ribbon on the front (in mythology Aiolos and Sisyphos were father and son).
  • He is the only Gold Saint apparently authorized to use his weapon for his attacks: his signature bow and arrow (the only possible exceptions are Pisces Albafica's roses, and Libra Dohko's mandated use of weaponry in dire circumstances).

Because it was he who took Sasha to the shrine,he is the closest to the goddess, and has spent the most time at her side, both in his duty as protector of Athena and personally.

  • As in Saint Seiya, Sisyphus is the brother of Leo, but the tables are reversed here because Sisyphus is the younger and Leo Illias the older, opposite to Saint Seiya where Sagittarius Aiolos is the older brother of Leo Aiolia.


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