Sagittarius New Cloth Side
This version of the cloth is very different from its previous form, being much more detailed.It's how Seiya removed, unleash strength and thank  was bathed in the blood of Athena's cloth evolves into a God Cloth.

The headband is almost identical to previous versions, only has a blue gem in the middle. The pads are very different, taking details, the style is similar to the neck of the pallasites chronotectors first level, the central block is very different from the previous, and this much more detailed protectors arms look thicker, the leg protectors are also very thick cloths like many omega, owning 2 gems in the knee. when gold version has the ability to use their wings to fly, which only manage the bronze armor when Omega Cloths, or armor that were drenched with the blood of Athena in Hades saga.

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