Sagitta Sham (矢座(サジッタ)のシャム, Sajitta no Shamu) is the Sagitta Silver Saint, who betrayed Athena and engages Peacock Pavlín in battle.

Plot (Mars-Hen)Edit

Santosdeplatatropa de Hornet

Sham with other Silver Saints paying homage to Sonia

Sham is one of the Silver Saints, along with Reticulum Balazo and Auriga Almaaz , decide to follow the movements of his companion Peacock Pavlin when it goes to defeat the rebels who kidnapped Aria, they do not believe that be able to end the life of one of them, his student Aquila Yuna . When they discover that their suspicions were true, Sham and the other two Silver Saints attack Pavlin, but decides to confront Pavlin three herself, first removing the mask, indicating that it is willing to end their lives.Pavlin then uses his technique Peacock Blizzard and ends the battle, apparently killing three Silver Saints and his own life.


Sagitta is a constellation. Its name is Latin for "arrow", and it should not be confused with the larger constellation Sagittarius, the archer. Although Sagitta is an ancient constellation, it has no star brighter than 3rd magnitude and has the third-smallest area of all constellations (only Equuleus and Crux are smaller). It was included among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union. Located to the north of the equator, Sagitta can be seen from every location on Earth except within the Antarctic circle.

Sagitta lies within the Milky Way and is bordered by the following constellations (beginning at the north and then continuing clockwise): the little fox Vulpecula, the mythological hero Hercules, the eagle Aquila and the dolphin Delphinus.

Origin of the NameEdit

His name comes from Sham, the proper name of Alpha Sagittae, one of stars in constellation Sagitta. Sham is derived from the Arabic سهم sahm meaning "arrow".



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