Sagitta Maya is one of the Silver Saints. He appeared in the first Saint Seiya movie called "Jashin Eris" were he was a part of a group of revived Saints called "Ghost Five". His technique is Hunting Arrow Express.

Plot Overview

Maya is a Saint revived by Eris in a new body [1]. He has a personality similar to Pegasus Seiya, but Maya would fight to the death if it meant winning. He proves this when he faces Seiya, to first talk, and then attack with all his strength. Unfortunately, he is no match for Seiya, but one of the arrows from his Phantom Arrow Express attack makes it through Seiya's defenses. Seiya removes the arrow with ease and tries to get Maya to tell where Saori is, but leaves when Maya does not respond. Maya says in his last breath that the arrow is actually poisonous, and only one shot is enough to remove the five senses.

Concept and Creation

With the success of the Saint Seiya franchise in both anime & manga form, a movie was proposed by Toei. Masami Kurumada participated in the production and after 3 months he contributed with the new Saints. He is named after Maya the Indian deity of illusion. The concept and armor of the character came to be used as Sagitta Ptolemy in the original series, and both happened to be defeated by Seiya.



  1. Time: 26:50; Ikki: You mean that your bones were revived from your grave?
    Orpheus: No, not our bones. Eris called us back and gave us new bodies.