Rung(ルング Rungu) is one of the God warriors serving Drbal, Odin's represantative on Earth.



Rung throws his boomerangs

Rung's first clash against the Bronze Saints is when they were leaving the Valhalla Palace after hearing Dolbar. Rung, with Ullr and Midgard , try to provoke the group by blocking their way, but Frey orders them to step aside, and obey.

Later, after the battle began between the two groups, Rung relieves Ullr when he is defeated by Ikki . His boomerangs throw Shun a cliff and is saved by his chain. Rung proposes both brothers join the divine warriors and show loyalty to both Odin and Dolbar , but they refuse. Ikki uses his Phoenix Genma ken, which apparently does not affect Rung. He then throws his boomerangs against Ikki, slicing his body. Unfortunately for Rung this was just an illusion caused by the Genmaken, and actually the boomerangs were impaled in Rung's chest. Rung manages to remove one, but slumped down before being able to launch. When Ikki is busy rescuing Shun, Rung draws the last of his strength and nailing a boomerang in Ikki's torso, before falling off the cliff with the two brothers.



Rung Robe

He Represents Hrungnir. He Used an attack called Mjöllnir Hammer, who was wearing Thor released after being returned to its owner like a boomerang.</span>This is similar to what happened with the Hydra Docrates male who used the attack of Hercules (Heracles) who was who killed him.


His god robe has 2 mighty axes They are so powerful that neither chain of Andromeda could stop and succeeded in toppling two Bronze Saints at the same time.



  • Although Rung does not use any name for your attack boomerangs, fans often call their attack Hammer Mjollnir , the technical name Phecda Gamma Thor , a character in the saga of Asgard in the anime . They also often call this personal "Rung of Hrungnir", or try to associate it with the god Thor. All these data are inventions of fans, and have not appeared in any official material.