Ruin Atë (破滅(ルイン)のアテ, Ruin no Ate) is one of Dryades in Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō. So far it appears as leader of the Dryades, thus being responsible for carrying out the preparations for the resurrection of Eris.



When Equuleus Shōko was a little girl, it tries to make it blend with the soul of Eris causing it to feed on the block but Equuleus Kyōko arrives to try to save his sister, before this Atë plays a tree for submission but are saved by Scorpio Milo, so it disappears.

War against AthenaEdit

In Search of GuestEdit

Atë is shown as the leader of the Dryades at an unknown location, this informs her sisters very soon Eris resurrected, but that they have to find his body, so it runs a search for the body of his mother, but must face Kyōko and Delphinus Mii to which defeat easily.

Just when will gain Shō appears to address it, it begins to fight the goddess but due to inexperience and poor control of the cosmo by Saori defeat easily. When will ate release the final blow against the Cloth of Sagittarius appears to defend Saori , said cloth does reflect the spirit of  Aiolos which attacks the Dryade. This desperate to since his death is imminent , controls for these trees to catch Shō but which releases Golden Apple which induces Shō in a deep trance while freeing the soul of Eris which has the form of a snake winged.

Seeds of EvilEdit

Atë arrives at the Temple of Eris and is received by Emony, who complained of because her mother had not yet awakened Atë tells him to be patient, then appears Phonos who reproached it is thanks to her that  Eris had not yet awakened that another guest had chosen instead of the default, says Phonos easy for them would destroy Athena and Saints, to which replied that Atë is not necessary as there is another evil in the Sanctuary that would facilitate things, then tie and his brothers look like the tree that contains Kyōko releases the seeds of evil.

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