Rhea EpisodeG1
Japanese レア
Romanization Rea
Greek Ῥέα
Alias(es) The mother of gods
Titaness of the Earth
Queen of the Titans
General Information
Classification Titans
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Soma Katar Soma
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Ge Python
Fire Lizard
Items used Soma
Biographical Information
Age Ancient
Race Titan
Gender Female
Place of birth
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Family Uranus (father)
Gaia (mother)
Kronos (younger brother/husband)
The Titans (brothers)
The Titanesses (sisters)
Zeus (youngest son)
Poseidon (middle son)
Hades (eldest son)
Prometheus (nephew)
Atlas (nephew)
Athena (granddaughter)
Debut Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya Episode.G
Appearances Saint Seiya - Chapter 97 "Gather Golden Armors!" (Mention)
Saint Seiya - Episode G: Chapter 34
Saint Seiya (anime) - Episode 139 (mention)
Japanese voice
English voice
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Rhea (レア, Rea; Greek: Ῥέα, Rhea) is Kronos's wife, and the Queen of the Titans. Pontos released Rhea at the same time as the other Titanesses, Okeanos and Kreios. Like the rest of the Titans, she fought against the Olympian gods, her children, in the ancient Titanomachy and was sealed within her Soma as punishment.


Rea is a beautiful woman with long hair (white in some illustrations) that loops at its ends has the ends, giving a "spongy" look to her hair, similar to the waves of a cloud. She has a mature and calm face, with red eyes but much calmer than that of her brothers, and dark skin. Rhea almost always keeps her eyes closed.


Rhea is extremely cold and serious, quiet and secretive. Entirely loyal to her husband and king, Kronos, Rhea never forgives those who offend the Titan king. Despite her stoic disposition, she loves her husband and always watched over him.

Mythology Edit

Rhea is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia (the Sky and Mother Earth respectively), and one of the twelve Titans. She married her brother Kronos after he conquered Uranus, and became the mother of the six original Olympian Gods (Hades, Hestia, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera and Zeus). Upon overthrowing their father Uranus, Kronos received a prophecy fortelling his own downfall at the hands of one of his children with Rhea. Each time Rhea gave birth to a child, Kronos swallowed the infant to prevent the prophecy from happening. Appalled, Rhea secretly gives birth to her sixth child, Zeus, and had him hidden away with the help of Gaia. She then deceived her husband by giving him a large stone wrapped in a blanket to swallow instead of her baby. She supported the Titans in the fight against the Olympian gods, but was later betrayed by her sister Mnemosyne. After the defeat of the Titans, Zeus sent Rhea to Tartarus along with her husband and other siblings.

Saint Seiya: Episode G Edit

She was awakened by Pontos along with nine other Titans, including her sisters. Her husband also awakens when Leo Aiolia was going to attack, but Rhea countered the assault with Themis summoning the Ge Pythons against Leo and Capricorn Shura but upon the arrival of Taurus Aldebaran, she is forced to transform the stone serpents in a giant hydra-like form. Aldebaran kills the creature and saves his comrades.

Rhea is later shown summoning the Fire Lizard to destroy the Ice Coffin blocking the entrance to the Labyrinth where Kronos is imprisoned. She participates in a fight between her husband and Aquarius Camus. However, the fight is unfinished when she is turned to stone by a large cosmos.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

Rhea presents the ability to summon by creating various beings according to her desire. It's unique ability is closely linked to its role as "Mother Goddess" (creator of life) mythologically speaking.

  • Ge Python (天地乃蛇(ゲービュートーン), Gēbyūtōn), lit. "Python tiera" Greek γη Πύθων):It is one of the invocations of Rhea, which creates huge stone snakes to attack her enemies. Rhea used this technique to summon serpents to kill Leo Aiolia and Capricorn Shura but was destroyed by the intervention of  Taurus Aldebaran.
  • Fire Lizard (炎蜥蜴, Honoo Tokage) An invocation of Rhea that brings giant flame salamander or Lizard to the physical plane to attack her enemies or to destroy ice barrier.
  • Summon Hydra: Rhea can convert the snakes into a more powerful Hydra-like form.

Soma Edit

Katar (カタール, Katāru) is a Soma delivered to Rhea, by Gaia in the fight against Uranus.

Somas are weapons and armor given by Gaia to their children so that they can fight against the tyranny of Their father. These weapons can kill the gods are not just mere attack tools, and can really change shape to become an armor.

The sums in their weapon shapes are transformed and are divided into individual pieces of a titan body armor the offensive ability of the weapon they represent, are superior to the Gold Cloth and their Freezing point is beyond Absolute zero.

Trivia Edit

  • In classical mythology, Rhea aided the Olympians in the Titanomachy. When Zeus grows into adulthood after Rhea protected him, she and Zeus's first wife Metis devise a plan to rescue Zeus's siblings (being immortal gods, although eaten by their father, they are not dead). Rhea and Metis trick Cronus into drinking a liquid that causes him to vomit up all five of his children as well as the stone, rescuing her children. Rhea also appears in an Orphic myth, in which she resurrects her grandson, the god Dionysus, after he is brutally ripped apart by the Titans at the goddess Hera's request.
  • Unlike the Saint Seiya mythos, in the original stories, Rhea is never imprisoned in Tartarus, due to her loyalty to her son Zeus.
  • Rhea is also the name of an asteroid as well as one of Saturn's lesser moons (this is fitting, as Saturn is the Roman name for Kronos).
  • Rhea's Ge Python attack references one of Gaia's other children, Python, a giant dragon who was the original deity of Delphi and was sent by Hera (Rhea's daughter) to hunt down another Titan goddess, Leto, one of Rhea's nieces. The attack also represents Rhea's close affinity with the Earth. "Ge" itself is an alternate name for Gaia, Rhea's mother.

Gallery Edit

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