Resurrection! Loki, the Evil God of Asgard is the eleventh episode of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

Synopsis Edit

With the trinity of Mu, Saga, and Dohko's God Cloths, the ultimate shadow fighting technique, Athena Exclamation, annihilates Andreas. However, the evil fruit does not stop growing, and Aiolia and the others are pulled into the root. Aiolia somehow survives, and surprisingly, a Loki Robe is floating in front of his eyes. The body of the Evil God Loki has vanished, but its main body was hidden in the Loki Robe. Aiolia is in a dire situation having lost his Gold Cloth, but still has a passionate Cosmo burning inside his heart and challenges Loki. However, his resistance is futile, and just when Loki is about to deal the finishing blow to Aiolia, a great miracle saves Aiolia!

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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