Reda (レダ, Reda) was in training under Cepheus Albior alongside Shun and June. Like them, Reda fights equipped with chain weapons.

Reda is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquila (Eagle). As in Japan the R and L have the same pronounciation, the name was often mistakenly transposed as Leda.

Gold Jump magazine, devoted to Saint Seiya anime version, dubs it warrior without armor or constellation, i.e. "Sonota Saint", one of the mercenaries working for Sanctuary.


Reda is one of the students of Cepheus Daidalos at Andromeda Island, along with June, Spica and Shun. He is one of the candidates to obtain the bronze Andromeda Cloth. During the fighting made to see who has the opportunity to make proof of slaughter against Shun faces after this beat to Spica. As for the start of the fight Shun not attacked, Reda says he is afraid and does not want to fight him.

Shun claims they can be injured during combat, Reda says no is ready to become a Saint. Reda says he is willing to do anything to get the armor of Andromeda.Then Shun lunges Reda but this elusive and asks him if he is afraid.

Reda launches Shun trapping chain around his neck and then begins to punch him in the stomach and ends after several punches thrown him. Reda treads Shun on the ground while he is subject to the chain. Reda tries to end the bout drowning Shun, but this reacts after June gives encouragement and manages to break the chain of Reda.

Shun and Reda chains are thrown against each other and both holding one of the opponent's arms. Approaching both Reda hit which is being torn down and ends up losing the fight. Shun is interested in the state of Reda after combat, but Reda wants nothing Shun's compassion removing his hand.

A day in the island reaches of Andromeda, Scorpio Milo sent by the Pope of the Shrine to punish them, to believe them as traitors Shun rebelled against the Sanctuary. Milo attacked them all, being Albiore the only one who could put up for a while, but eventually fell.

Reda was one of the few who escaped alive from the island, just before Milo's destroyed. Reda goes along with Spica to Japan with the intention of killing Shun and thus appease the anger of the Sanctuary. When they are hugged Shun and June, and these to see them ask them to do there.

Then Shun tells him cut his head and offered to the shrine. Shun tries to talk to them, but they will not listen to Shun and thrown against him. June tells Shun that Reda use cloth and to kick it down. After Spica and Reda attack Shun with Double Chain Nebula with their chains.

Shun tries to break free but Spica tells not be released. Reda says that resistance is futile. But then recalling his brother, Shun begins to react by increasing their cosmos and manages to break the chains that was trapped between Reda and Spica knocking.

Spica and Reda are launched against Shun, but is this who gets rid of both after knock them down with the chains that had fallen from his hand. Reda received a blow on the right eye causing a wound. This is his last appearance, after he was not seen again.


In the series is shown not to belong constellation Reda cloth. His cloth of the same basis as the Andromeda Cloth in the anime. The cloth is red. The breastplate covers the body to the waist, and no belt. The legs are long and cover the thighs. The pads are quite large, although its shape resembles the head of a snake, with two horns placed online. The hull is shaped headband with sharp endings. His cloth also has chains on his arms, one ending in a tip simiar to Andromeda Chain in his first animated version, and the other three peaks curved, similar to the ends of the tentacles of Worm Raimi , but much more thin and sharp.


  • Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン, Daburu Nebyura Chēn): An attack performed in tandem with Spica. The two use their chains to restraint their opponents before strangling them.


  • It is not known if the character has died after fighting Shun, or only gets knocked out, but he thinks he's still alive because Shun does not usually kill his opponents unless necessary.