Marina Soldier are the lowest ranking soldiers of Poseidon army, the equivalents of Athena's rankless soldiers. Unlike them, the Marina Soldier wear a weak versions of Scale, as they mostly have no mastery over Cosmo. Despite it, they sometimes use an achor as weapon and the strongest among them are said to be on par with a Bronze Saint. The first seen in the manga tried to kidnap Saori but is intercepted by Aiolia that was guarding Saori from the shadows to pervent any possible danger and is easily blasted by his Lightning Plasma. A group of many tried to attack Seiya and the others believing them as common Bronze Saints, but they are easily obliterated thanks to the impressive improvements the 5 main charachers did defeating the Gold Saints at the 12 Zodiac Temples. Another group tried to stop Seiya that was almost arrived at the North Pacific Pillar guarded by the Marina General Sea Horse Baian, of whom they were probably minions, but although one of those Marina Soldiers was very bulky and fierce with his anchor, he still was no match for Seiya.