Ptolomea in the colored map of the underworld.

Ptolomea (トロメーア Toromēa) is the third circle of the frozen hell of Cocytus, overseen by judge Griffon Minos.

Overview Edit

Ptolomea is a classical temple, built on a raised base and connected to the ground by a staircase, around of which two statues representing griffins face one another. Ptolomea's perimeter is doted with multiple colonnades on all sides, and its structure is divided in three aisles, much like the Leo Temple. The central aisle has a sloping roof and the two aisles that flank it it have flat roofs, each with a rectangular depression. In the anime, the griffin statues are larger and the aisles are not as narrow.

Mythological roots Edit

In Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia, Ptolomea is the third of the four circles/sections of Cocytus (the ninth and lowest circle of the underworld), and is where the traitors to guests are sent after they die. In addition, it is said that sometimes the soul of a traitor falls to Inferno before Atropos cuts the thread of life, and their body is taken over by a fiend. It is named after Ptolemy, son of Abubus, the appointed governor of Jericho in the biblical book 1 Maccabees. In the story, he marries a daughter of Simon, military commander of the Maccabees and founder of Israel's Hasmonean dynasty, and later holds a banquet for his father-in-law two of his brothers-in-law, where he has them killed. Afterwards, he attempts to have Simon's third son, John Hyrcanus, killed as well, but fails.

Appearances Edit

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