Prometheus (プロメテウス, Purometeusu) is the black-winged son of Dimension Iapetos and Themis.


A friend of humans, he once shared fire with mankind, a dangerous gift that Zeus believed could lead to insurgency against the gods. As a result, Zeus left Prometheus chained at the top of the Caucasus mountain and condemned him to eternal suffering as an eagle repeatedly ate his regenerating liver.

When Pontos released the Titans, Prometheus is seen carrying his parents' bodies to Tartarus, and appears alongside Pontos at Gaia's sealing place.


  • In the original Greek myth, Prometheus was the son of Iapetos, but his mother was Asia, one of the 50 Oceanids, not Themis.
  • A possible reason for Prometheus being able to physically join Pontos is that, in classical myth, Prometheus was eventually freed from torment by the hero Heracles, Zeus's demi-god son.


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