Praesepe Praesepe, as seen in episode 4 of The Lost Canvas.
Name Data
English name Praesepe (Crunchyroll)[1]
Original 積尸気 (せきしき)
Romanization sekishiki
Meaning(s) praesaepe (Latin for "crib")
See section below
Alternate names Sekishiki
Ability Data
Sense attributed Intuition
Known users Cancer Deathmask
Cancer Deathtoll
Altar Hakurei
Cancer Sage
Cancer Manigoldo
Aries Shion
Black Altar Avido
Techniques Praesepe Underworld Waves[1]
Praesepe Demonic Blue Flames[1]
Related abilities
Related techniques
Real World Data
Manga debut N/A
Anime debut N/A

Praesepe[2] (積尸気せきしき Sekishiki?) are the blue stars connecting Earth and the Underworld.[2] Normally, they only serve as a natural passage for the souls of the deceased, but the Cancer saint can use them to open up a path to Yomotsu Hirasaka through which a living soul (and even the body) can pass.

Additionally, Praesepe[1] (or Sekishiki) is also the name of an ability that allows the user to see and interact with disembodied souls in ways that are impossible to most humans.[3]

Etymology Edit

Praesepe is the anglicized form of the Latin word praesēpe, which is an alternate spelling of praesaepe ("crib", "cot", "craddle"). The original form is praesēpiō, formed by 2 words:

  • prae: Latin for "before" or "because of"
  • sēpiō: Latin for "surround", "enclose", "fence in".

Sekishiki (積尸気 Sekishiki?) is formed by three kanji:

  • (せき Seki?, "accumulate", "store up", "amass")
  • ( Shi?, "corpse", "dead")
  • ( Ki?, "spirit", "mood")

The approximated translation would be "amassment of dead spirits", and it is one of the names used in the Japanese language to describe the Beehive Cluster of Cancer. In China, 積尸気 is called Jī shī qì ("accumulated corpse spirits"), and has been considered in the local mythology to be the place where the souls of the deceased eventually gather, after death.

References Edit

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