Poseidon Scale

The Sea God possesses his own Scale, the Poseidon Scale (ポセイドンスケイル, Poseidon Sukeiru), which was worn by Julian Solo, his avatar in the Classic series, and Seraphina, the receptacle of his power in the Lost Canvas. In the current era, the armor was stored in Poseidon’s submarine Temple in the Mediterranean while his legendary Trident laid under one of Athena’s Seals in the prison below Cape Sounion. The Scale is a golden orange, a likely indicator of the presence of Orichalcum. Its design is rather sober, more martial than ceremonial, with coverage similar to that of a Sea General Scale. Its resistance though was far superior, and it took the arrow of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth imbued with the cosmos of four Bronze Saints to pierce its headpiece. Apart from that it came out of the final confrontation with little more than a few tears in the cape.


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