Pontos (ポントス, Pontosu) is one of the primary antagonists of Saint Seiya Episode G. He is depicted here as a Primordial God, a deity of the seas, and the father of Eurybia. Apparently working for Gaia, Pontos revives the twelve Titans and manipulates them into doing his will, with aid from Mnemosyne and Prometheus.


He is a mysterious and cunning, alternating between being cynical and analytical. Although often choosing to speak the bare minimum and giving a calm image of himself, he can not help revealing a twisted personality, bordering on insanity, when something goes the way he want. Pontos looks down on everyone else, although he tries to conceal this.


Pontos fights with Aiolia once at the entrance to the Time Labyrinth, overwhelming him completely, but withdrew when the other Gold Saints come to Aiolia's aid. Pontos controls the water, much like Okeanos. However, the water Pontos controls is of a deep black hue, like coal. His greatest strength is in his Dunamis, the Cosmo of the gods, an energy so powerful that it can create and destroy anything. His armor is called the Ars Magna .

Pontos appears when Leo Aiolia and Hyperion had already ended their fight, with Hyperion's defeat. He speaks with Aioria, and used his Dunamis to revive Hyperion, explaining to Aiolia that he always protects his loved ones. It is later revealed, when Pontos is joined by the Titan Prometheus, that he intends to release Gaia, the mother of both Pontos and the Titans, and will use the Titans to obliterate the world and restart it from scratch.


Skilled warrior, through divine Cosmo has super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, telepathy (cross-dimensional level), telekinesis, energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, teleportation , higher senses to track people and events over long distances and through dimensions, dimensional travel, could fight through a copy of himself made from his Ichor (divine blood) from afar, water manipulation (can summon and attack with black seawater imbued with his Cosmo and Dunamis and turn into water). Through Dunamis has matter and energy manipulation at the atomic level, soul manipulation and reality warping (he sealed the powers of five Titans and petrified their bodies). Through Dunamis and Ichor has regeneration (low-godly) and immortality (mix of types 1, 3 and 4). Can heal and empower other beings through his Ichor and Dunamis.


  • Melas Kyma (黒波(メラスキューマ), Merasu Kyūma, lit. Black Wave): Pontos concentrates a large mass of his cosmo power then project Dunamis into it and releases them on his opponent. Can also simultaneously release all stored energy around creating the Melas Helix .
  • Melas Helix (黒渦(メラスヘリクス), Merasu Herikusu, lit. Black Spiral): is a technique of Pontos who is that God meets all Black in Melas Kyma , then explodes causing the wave to become the Melas Helix, projected as a strong current of water that submerges his enemies and destroys everything in its path.
  • Arkhein Curse: Takes control of someone by projecting his Cosmo in the form of Greek words of light that home in on the victim even from a distance.
  • Dunamis Whirlwind: Summoning the Dunamis power around himself, Pontus can neutralize and absorb energy attacks and attack his enemy at the subatomic level
  • Ars Magna: His Ars Magna can only be hit or damage by strong enough and powerful enough energy based attacks, as physical force would not do much against it.


  • In Greek mythology, Pontos was one of Gaia (Mother Earth's) children, the personification of the Sea and the younger half-brother of the Titans. He is the father of Eurybia, Nereus, the Telchines, and all marine life forms. He is also, through his children Phorcys and Ceto, the grandfather of Medusa, Euryale and Stheno (the Gorgons).

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