Pisces Rugonis (魚座(ピスケス)のルゴニス Pisukesu no Rugonisu) is the previous Pisces Gold Saint and the master of Pisces Albafica.


Lugonis is a Saint who used to live alone, because as a Pisces Saint his blood has gradually evolved into a poison similar to the poisonous roses. One day he finds an abandoned baby in one of his poisonous garden, away from the Sanctuary. Astonished that the baby has a natural resistance to poison, he decided to welcome him as his son, calling him Albafica.

When Albafica grows up and decides to become a disciple of Lugonis in order to become the next Saint of Pisces, despite knowing that it will be a path of loneliness due to the poisonous blood that they develop, he trains Albafica strictly, not tolerating any mistakes when using roses as their attacks, when missing its target, can be fatal to an ally or innocent.

Every day Albafica and Lugonis will perform the ritual Crimson Bond by which, after taking each a cut finger, link the blood to flow from one to another. Over time the poison in Albafica's blood become more powerful than Lugonis', and the ritual ends along with his life, consequently leaving the Pisces Cloth to become the possession of his son and disciple.

Pisces Lugonis goes to meet Sage before he died. He asks Sage, when the time comes where his brother, Dryad Luco, who has dedicated his life to find a cure for the poison in his blood, finally able to find said cure, to send Albafica there so he can choose once more whether to continue living on the loneliness path of being the Pisces Gold Saint, or to return to live with people. The Pope agrees, sending Albafica to the Quacks Island years later, knowing that Luco had awakened as a Specter of Hades .


  • Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ, Roiyaru Demon Rōzu): Pisces Lugonis uses red roses poison to affect the senses of the enemy, causing a weakening of these, loss of consciousness, and finally death. The Royal Demon Roses can be used in large numbers in order to give birth to an entire field of toxic red roses. The technique is through the fragrance emitted by roses, making it difficult to protect themselves.
  • Piranhan Rose (ピラニアンローズ, Piranian Rōzu)


  • His name was misromanized as Lugonis, but his grave reveals the actual spelling in Albafica's gaiden.
  • Lugonis was an exclusive character of an audio CD, until his story was adapted into manga in Gaidens of The Lost Canvas.