Nearby, seen lots of vegetation, it is assumed that algae or other marine species in shades like orange and gold. There is only one direct entrance from the center which shows that the rocky steps to terminate their way pentagonal tiles that allegorically organize the colors blue and ground their way to the plaza. Its architecture is one of the finest examples of Greek Doric style, with rows of columns joined at the top by friezes typical of this culture and serve as decoration. In his only above ground level accessed by a small central staircase. Hence there are three rows of Doric columns also linked at the top, reminiscent of a Greek temple and in its center, the mainstay. On both sides there are two large stone blocks with small columns at its peak. The base of the pillar is the typical classical forms a pedestal for a monument, square profiles which varies as to create decorative shapes up to a height of 30 meters square base ends to continue to its end in the form column circular smooth with no decoration of any kind. At this point we see a small bird-shaped sculpture with a bluish color. This pillar is guarded by Sea Horse Baian.

Appearances Edit

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