It has a unique very high from the floor, a large smooth stone slab with only a decorative border at the top. Before the three pieces of stone up the central staircase, quite narrow and steep to climb. On top of this big block is the pillar and two rows of massive columns together and flat on top of an undecorated entablature. The major attraction is the pillar itself. This is the most decorated of them all, along with the South Atlantic. It has a large circular base of 20 to 30 feet wide decorated with high relief sculptures. On this continues the pillar with a narrower section, as in all, with a work of high relief, over the pillar height change of decor and continues its upward journey with a relief groove, classic style. Overall, its aesthetic Egyptian architectural style reminiscent of their large items such as columns and the large main base, also for its relief on the pillar. This pillar is guarded by Sea Dragon Kanon.

Appearances Edit

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