Phoinikeos Rhuax (紅(ポインクス)の熔岩(リュアクス), Poinkusu no Ryuakusu lit. "Crimson Magma» ρύαξ and Φοίνιξ Greek) is one of the nine Giants God of Kronos .


After Mu, Aiolia and Aldebaran attempted killing Iapetus, Kronos decides to call powerful allies, the 9 giants and orders to destroy all Sanctuary and the statue of Athena and regain Megas Drepanon. Is the first attack of scarlet Liakos. Marin This surprises he had just killed his soldiers. She is knocked down and crushed by the foot of the giant but full of anger Aioria appears and saves her. Liakos Aioria fight but this gives no truce in their fight. Whenever I tried to attack, Aioria got up again and hit him with more and more force. Aioria finally releases all its anger and ends with him running, proving to all that a man can surpass the dioses.Su armor has no particular form, nor appears to represent something. This is not one of the mythological giant and its name relates to the lava.

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