Phobetor (夢神ポベトール Mushin Pobetōru?) is sibling to the god of Dreams and a child of Hypnos, the personification of nightmares who feeds on the dreams of humans, and the first of the Oneiroi to engage Capricorn El Cid in battle, taking possession of Ferser's body in order to achieve his goals.


In The PastEdit

In the past was sealed by a still unknown Character Seal who decades later was accidentally released by Felser who would later be known as Black Terror Felser .

Chapter Capricorn Edit

In the Grand Tournament Catalania appears without shew without participating in the tournament , was present to devour the dreams of the people who were in that place . When Felser prepares to tell the reason for his behavior to his training partner and longtime friend of Capricorn El Cid . The Phobetor God rages taking control of the body of Felser and covering it with his Sapuri a Oniros that was mentioned and it was who was behind all of Catalania after defeat Felser the Black Terror emerges from his body and Mine lands on and says he is going to eat all your dreams , surprised they did reveal . Phobetor says but no matter, my sealed power been restored so Attentive locked me in the dimension to the world of dreams. Then says Catalania ! I will bring the world of dreams, my homeland, and annihilate there! to all of you who provide food for my family and me and this city will disappear like a mirage , as in mythological times !

The dream of this girl that Phobetor have been a great help , I'll keep as a pet and I will use it again as a nucleus for the next city. After hugging the body of Mine and El Cid  falls to his knees , exhausted, but ends up looking Phobetor that boasts of his victory. El Cid says will not let Phobetor do that ! And come back to the world of dreams , El Cid will not let Phobetor absorb the feelings and dreams of the people here and Phobetor says in this case, I'll start contigo.El Cid within Phobetor meets Mine . Mine: But that was my old dream and hopefully finish , El Cid sleep want to see now is at this point , the Cid , but is still far away, cutting the darkness with his hand. Mine says to you that you are a gentleman. Then Phobetor says Impossible, however, I devoured all their passion ! El Cid for me , dreams and passion are infinite things this is the path I have chosen !

His whole body becomes like a blade of light and cut the huge body of Phobetor . The ardor devoured by Phobetor returns to their owners when they die

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