Phecda Gamma Thor (ガンマ星フェクダのトール, Ganma-sei Fekuda no Tōru) is one of God Warriors of Asgard. Thor wears the Phecda Gamma Robe and represents the Gamma Star of the Ursa Major Constellation.


First meet

First meet

Owner of a kind heart, the giant Thor shared his food with poor families in Asgard. One day, while hunting, the woods became real Asgard and he was attacked by castle guards who wounded him in the arm. Suddenly Polaris Hilda appears, asking his subordinates to stop attacking. Then she healed the wound of Thor, who was impressed with the cosmos from the ruler of Asgard, so far full of goodness. Everything changed when Poseidon puts on Hilda the Nibelungen Ring and her cosmos is changed dramatically.

Thor is the first God Warrior that Seiya and his friends face in Asgard. During the battle, Thor uses his twin hammers 'Mjolnir' to attack Cygnus Hyōga and Andromeda Shun. So begins a fierce fight with Thor surprising Seiya with his power, and the persistence of Pegasus Seiya. There comes a point where Seiya almost dies and is saved by Dragon Shiryū.
Thor death

Thor death

After that, the incentive to get Seiya Athena and the mystery of the blows of Thor is broken. Even though it can significantly increase your energy cosmos, Thor can no longer reach the rider of Pegasus. Then they both leave for a direct combat, in which Thor is badly hit by Pegasus Meteor Fist, dying soon after. Before fall, Thor remember how Hilda was kind, and concludes that Seiya and his friends be able to bring it back to the light.


Titanic Hercules (タイタニック・ハーキュリーズ, Taitanikku Hākyurīzu): Thor focuses much of his cosmos in his wrist that is surrounded by several thunder, and then it triggers a powerful capsule shock at the speed of light. When performing the technique, this takes the form of a large purple lightning, by shocking the opponent with damaging impacts terrible.



  • Thor's character is based on the famous thunder god of Norse Mythology. A son of the chief god Odin and the Earth, Thor was a beloved god for the Norse people and the chief defender of Asgard. He is known for possessing, among other fantastic armaments, a hammer called Mjollnir, the Mullicrusher, which could return to the wielder when thrown, and which was powerful enough to destroy the giants (jotun), the archenemies of the gods.
  • Thor's Cloth is based on the Jörmungandr, an enormous sea serpent which surrounded the entire human world, imprisoned there by Odin. A child of the trickster god Loki, the Jörmungandr was the archenemy of Thor, and the two are destined to kill one another during the Nordic apocalypse, the Ragnarok.