Phecda God Robe
The Phecda Gamma Robe (Fekuda no Roubu) is the armour of Thor, the most massive of Hilda's God Warriors. It comes equipped with a pair of throwing axes called Mjolnir Hammer, and like all God Robes except Bud's, holds one of the seven Odin Sapphires required to wield the Odin God Robe's Balmung sword.


The Phecda God Robe represents Jormungandr, the massive serpent of Norse mythology, which encircled all of Midgard (the mortal realm). Jormungandr was the frequent adversary of the thunder god Thor, making it a more than suitable basis for this God Warrior's armour.

About the Robe

The Phecda God Robe's design is a modified version of the armour worn by Midgard in the second Saint Seiya movie, The Heated Battle of the Gods. Other God Robes resemble those worn by Dolbar's underlings, but Phecda is the only one which is clearly little more than a retool.

About the star

Gamma Ursae Majoris (γ UMa, γ Ursae Majoris) is a star in the constellation Ursa Major. It has the traditional name Phad, or Phecda, from the Arabic phrase فخذ الدب "fakhð ad-dubb" ("thigh of the bear").

It is more familiar to most observers in the northern hemisphere as the lower-left star forming the bowl of the Big Dipper, together with Dubhe (upper-right), Merak (lower-right) and Megrez (upper-left). Along with four other stars in this well-known asterism, Phecda forms an actual loose, open cluster of stars known as the Ursa Major moving group. Like the other stars in the cluster, it is an average main sequence star not unlike our Sun, although somewhat hotter, brighter and larger.