This Chronotector used by Aegir


Normal VersionEdit

With rich brown and green details on its chest has highlighted the symbols (which appear to be a pair of numbers two front), shoulder pads closely resemble those with the cloth Andromeda waist protective cover towards down the thigh, the leg protectors extend halfway up the knee, arm highlights green accents that cover much of the forearm.

Last VersionEdit

After being influenced by the fragment Tenchihōmetsuzan the Cronotector undergoes small changes to be repaired by the influence of the holy sword, tiara gem is divided into three, gems located in the arms are modified up to resemble visually hearts while maintaining their color, this also happens with gems located in the protection unifies the chest and waist, arms and knees, arms and knees these "hearts" to replace the two "2" located above these protections, the pads also have these "hearts" and now have a more pointed structure.

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