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Voiced by

Rie Kugimiya (female form)
Satoshi Hino (male form)

Phantasos ( パンタソス,Pantasosu) is the god who can wield unreality.




Phantasos capturing the soul of Yuzuriha

Phantasos is sent with her ​​three brothers in search of Pegasus Tenma , to imprison him in body and soul in the World of Dreams , and prevent their continued involvement in the Holy Wars between Hades and Athena (Sasha) throughout history. Phantasos, Oneiros and Icelus intersect with Capricorn El Cid , seeking an entry to the World of Dreams to rescue the soul of his companion, Sagittarius Sisyphos . Adult Phantasos the Gold Saints, praising her beauty, and when the arm is severed when El Cid returns Icelus cutting his own attack, decided to keep it as a souvenir Phantasos, then would come with his third brother,Modeler Morpheus to capture Tenma, and care of their fellow Unicorn Yato and Crane Yuzuriha , whose souls Phantasos enclosed in your wildest dreams within the Dream World, leaving their bodies to rot in the real world Unfortunately for Phantasos, El Cid survives the first encounter against Icelus, and uses the resonance of the arm

The true appearance Phantasos

protector Phantasos fell, to reach the World of Dreams.
El Cid uses his sharp attack to destroy the illusion that Phantasos wore over her body, revealing that it is actually a man, and destroying it with a second attack, anstes that god has a chance to fight back. Later, his soul would be invoked by his brother Oneiros to form a monstrous creature, but is destroyed by the Golden Arrow of Sagittarius , imbued by the Cosmo of Athena, and split into four by El Cid to attack the four souls to the time.


In the anime the story is very similar to the manga, but with added details like the fact that its power to enclose the souls of the people in your wildest dreams Grim called Fantasia, and place in the World of Dreams governing, and where he keeps the souls that captures, is called Phantasia . In the anime Yato comes to confront and Yuzuriha, receiving technical Kenbu Shosenkyaku the latter, without being effective. After carrying

their souls to Phantasia, is attacked by El Cid, but this version gets Phantasos paralyze Grim El Cid with Fantasia, although the Gold Saint's dream, consisting of a perfect edge sword, attacks him, destroying his illusion. El Cid wakes up from sleep and attacks you personally, destroying it.

Special SkillsEdit

Related to the world of dreams. You can hide in a false functional female body. Being a god, has a physical strength unusual and can travel at their discretion between the real world and the world of dreams. Like all gods, is immortal, unless you destroy your body and divine spirit. If necessary, you can merge your soul with his brother Oneiros, creating a sort of flying centaur very powerful. Despite not fighting, its power can imagine its appearance in the manga: you can bring down their enemies in sleep and placing them in irreales.Al beautiful dreams like his brothers, is the son of Hypnos Phantasos and is therefore god of sleep, and more particularly the god of "appearances". At first glance, it might take Phantasos as a woman and having the appearance and attributes. The feminine aspect is not really more than a "shell" under which hides the true god, probably to disrupt the enemy ... was overcome by the unexpected eruption of El Cid , which cut it in half, and thus revealed its true form.


Grim Phantasia: Phantasos uses this technique to steal the souls of his victims. People affected by the Grim Fantasia become unable to move or fire their Cosmo and Phantasos may at its discretion remove souls from their bodies. He can then see in these dreams and desires souls of his victims, he locks himself in his field, Fantasy . This Arcanum is foiled by El Cid  , which has no other dream in his life that he follows the path already.



  • "Phantasos" means "appearance" in Greek.

  • The term "the portrait" is a títlo that is given in The Lost Canvas manga, and has no connection with the mythological character.

  • It's unclear why, if Phantasos are using a temporary body, do not choose a female, but uses an illusion on himself to look like a woman. The fact that man is a god should not matter, because in The Lost Canvas the god Poseidon also uses the female body Seraphina to manifest.

  • Apparently El Cid Phantasos destroys the soul and those of his brothers with the Golden Arrow sent by Sisyphus and Athena, completely destroying them,a way by the author to explain why these gods never appeared in the twentieth century battle.

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