Phaeton (パエトン, Phaeton) was the captain of the Palace Guards for the Pope. He replaced Gigas as chief of staff after the latter's disappearance. He appears only in the anime adaptation and thus is a non-canonical character.


Phaeton is the assistant and lieutenant of Gigas. He first appear when he informed Gigas that Docrates reports to have recovered all the armor suit except for the helmet, and because of the delay in recoveringt hat part, Gigars instructs Phaeton to tell Docrates not dare to return unless he succeeds in retrieving the helmet.

Phaeton appeared later to protect Gigas from the Crystal Saint, angered with him, however the Crystal Saint overpowers Phaeton, Gigas alerts the Sanctuary guards and directs to detain Crystal, but they no match for him (being a Silver Saint and all).

After The Pope had brainwashed the Crystal Saint with his secret technique, Genrō Maō Ken (Satanic Imperial Fist,) Phaeton informed Gigas that the construction of the Pyramid in West Siberia proceeds at a good pace, but do not know anything about Crystal. Gigas says that should accelerate the pace to finish as soon as possible to represent the power of the Pope. Gigas trust the reward of the Patriarch when the pyramid is finished.

Later Phaeton informed Gigas that Crystal has failed and is dead, besides destroying the pyramid of ice. Gigars prefer not to inform the Pope and tells Phaeton learns that if you cut the neck. Gigars says that since Pegasus Seiya and Hyoga of Cygnus are in Siberia will use to attack Japan.

After the defeat of the Knight of Flame Phaeton replaced Gigas as chief of staff and ordered to Eagle Marin to go to kill Pegasus. Marin asked if the Pope know about but Phaeton say to her to follow the orders without argue and decide to send also Lizard Misty.

When nobody went back Arles became angry with Phaeton but he pray for his life and the Pope agreed to give him an other possibility.

Later Phaeton ask help to Ophiuchus Shaina and she say she take care of the matter, asking to Phaeton the help of others Saints, and Phaeton agree.

When a guard informs them that Pegasus had board an airplane to Greek Phaeton orders to Shaina to start her plan.

After her defeat Shaina ask an other possibility but Phaeton informs her that the mission was give to Crow Jamian.

Later he says to the Pope that surely Phoenix Ikki will died in his coming back at the Death Queen Island.

Some time after mysteriously the Sagittarius Cloth disappear so he send Tarantula Arachne to the Jamir to ask the help of Mu, after informs Arles about. Later discussing with the Pope he suggests to invoke Athena. Phaton say also to have no news from Arachne.

During the invasion of the Sanctuary Phaeton led a group of soldiers trying to stop Marin to go to help Pegasus but also thank to the intervention of Shaina Marin defeat the soldiers.

Shaina fight and defeat also Phaeton that agree to show them the place where is Seiya (the Fish Temple). He never appear again.