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Nihongo パエトン
Rōmaji paeton
Occupation Staff Officer
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Loyalty Gemini Saga as a Pope.

Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Hirohiko Kakegawa

Phaeton is the assistant to the Pope's agent of affairs Gigas, and chief of the Sanctuary's personnel, eventually replacing him. He appears only in the anime adaptation and thus is a non-canonical character.


Phaeton is Gigas' assistant, personal advisor to the Pope Arles (Saga). It first appears when Gigas is ordered to tell Docrates not return from their mission without the helmet of Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Gigas later informed that they have received a message which says Docrates have recovered the full Cloth except the helmet, though it will take little back.

Gigars reappears when he says he wants the head of Seiya and the other gentlemen of Bronze. Gigars tells him to be made with the intention of Cristal. Then comes the Sanctuary and Gigars Crystal wants to talk to him, but Glass says no talks to whom betrays its mission.

Phaeton comes to the defense of crystal Gigars but it breaks down and tells Gigars nobody from the path of achieving peace. Given the refusal of Crystal, but Crystal Gigars leaves prevents it. Gigars then orders the guards of the sanctuary that will stop.

Crystal says he wants to see the Pope Arles, then Phaeton commanded the guards to kill Glass, but this ends up getting rid of all the guards. When Crystal is about to hit Gigars Patriarch intervenes. Crystal tells the Pope Arles that has strayed from the path, and the Pope Arles says he can not judge their actions.

The Pope Arles then attacks the glass with Satanic Imperial Fist, getting glass and swear to obey him he will be faithful. Crystal then goes to Siberia to kill Hyoga. Gigars gives the order that the Siberian villagers living in the Crystal, and in which he trained Hyoga, must build a pyramid of ice to honor the Pope Arles.

After days Phaeton informs Gigas of the construction of the pyramid has good pace, but do not know anything about Crystal. Gigas says that should accelerate the pace to finish as soon as possible to represent the power of the Patriarch.

Later Phaeton informed Gigas that Crystal Saint has failed and is dead, besides destroying the pyramid of ice. Gigars prefer not to inform the Pope Arles and tells Phaeton learns that if you cut the neck. Gigas says that since Pegasus Seiya and Cygnus Hyoga are in Siberia will use to attack in Japan, which remains the same part of Japan with the Ennetsu Saint.

Since Gigas not return to the Sanctuary, the Pope Arles Phaeton amounts to the post of personal adviser, who once occupied Gigars. Phaeton Eagle Marin orders to kill Seiya Pegasus, but Marin asked whether it was the Patriarch who gives the order, Phaeton told not to ask questions and meet the order.

Then comes Shaina Ophiuchus and tells her she should send her to that mission. Phaeton tells him to speak with more respect because now is your boss. Phaeton then repeats the order to Marin and will accompany Lizard Misty.

Later when Marin does not return the Pope Arles asked about his whereabouts, and Phaeton says they can not find it. The Pope asks if Pegasus Seiya has died, and Phaeton says not yet, which infuriates the Pope who knocks. Phaeton begs mercy to the Pope and this tells you that you get another chance since he is the head of his forces recently.

Phaeton seeks advice from Shaina and tells him to wait, for soon the Bronze Knights will go to the Sanctuary. Shaina asks him to let her take care of Seiya, and Phaeton agrees but warns what will happen if it fails. Shaina asked to have the help of a gentleman that also accepts Phaeton.

After a guard informs Phaeton who have received a message saying that Seiya and 2 knights have caught a plane to go to the Shrine, and Phaeton gives the order to Shaina to implement your plan.

Later when he goes to inform the Pope received his reproaches for not killing the knights of Bronze. Tells you Phaeton Dragon Shiryu is hors de combat, the Patriarch says he still lives and the rest are intact. Phaeton says it is a matter of time, then the Patriarch ordered to destroy his link.

Shaina then asks another chance, but Phaeton says that he has given the mission to Jamian Crow and they will abduct Saori. Shaina insists, but Phaeton continues its negative and tells him that he was wrong to rely on it the first time.

Reappears when the Pope advised that Black men should not take care of Ikki since they are renegades. The Patriarch said that insurance will be more effective and will surely die on the Island of the Queen of Death Saint Bronze.

Reappears when the Golden Armor of Sagittarius away from the Sanctuary and informed the Pope that no one entered the room in which it was saved. It also says it has sent to Jamir Paukoobraznye Tarantula to locate Mu

After telling the Patriarch was the very armor of gold which disappeared by itself. Tells Phaeton still without news of Paukoobraznye. Phaeton then suggests that you consult to the Pope to Athena but the Paope refused.

Since then, the Pope lost confidence in Phaeton, so he was relegated. He appears at the end of the Battle of the Twelve Temples as Eagle Marin wanted to help Pegasus Seiya. Phaeton appears with a group of soldiers in the way, and orders them to kill Marin. The Phaeton itself is the Marin wants to finish off but now Ophiuchus Shaina intervened to prevent it.

Phaeton tells Marin that has long Shaina is not seen by the Sanctuary and is known to not want to kill Seiya as saying. Seiya says that Phaeton is about to die thanks to the Royal Demon Roses Aphrodite of Pisces. Phaeton gives the order to the soldiers to be killed, but Marin and Shaina get rid of the soldiers.

Then he attacks Shaina Phaeton Phaeton which still bears the brunt of being quite touched, which is useful to tell Shaina Marin takes Phaeton and guide you to the place that is Seiya. That is the last appearance of Phaeton, then do not see him again.


  • Phaeton shares his name with a famous Greek mythological character, the mortal son of the Titan Helios (or Apollo in some versions). Taunted over the identity of his father, Phaeton is advised by his mother to seek out Helios to verify his parentage. Helios confirms that Phaeton is his son, and allows the boy to ask for anything he wants as proof for the rest of the world. However, to the Titan's horror, Phaeton requests to drive Helios's chariot, which draws the sun across the skies everyday. Despite Helios's pleas, the boy is adamant, and the Titan reluctantly allows him to drive it. However, the chariot soon goes out of control, alternated freezing and scorching the earth so badly, Gaia cries out to Zeus for help. In response, Zeus strikes Phaeton with a thunderbolt, knocking the boy from the chariot and killing him.

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