Pegasus Tenma
Tenba Profile
Japanese ペガサスの天馬[1]
Romanization Pegasasu no Tenma[2]
Alias(es) Pegasus Saint
General Information
Classification Bronze Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Cloth Pegasus Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Pegasus
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Pegasus Meteor Fist
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 13 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birthday December 5
Master Crateris Suikyō
Debut ND: Chapter 2
Appearances Next Dimension
Japanese voice
English voice
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Pegasus Tenma is the Bronze Saint in the constellation Pegasus in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension (sequel of the manga by Kurumada).


Is the reincarnation of the saint of the eighteenth century the original Pegasus. As a boy he met Alone and Suikyo latter trained him as a saint but never explain. At the beginning of the manga is reached where Alone when Shion of Aries is about to kill him and defends him, to confront him open a box that had been his teacher and saw the cloth of Pegasus, but is defeated. When you try to go back where Alone realize that Pandora has taken it and is attacked by soldiers skeleton, and Shion Dohko save him, soon after attacked by Grivon Vemeer and then the spectrum of Garuda, who is his former teacher, Suikyō. You are about to be removed by them, but are called by Pandora and only a skeleton is to remove them. They are saved by the horse Pegasus, in doing so drops the cloth of Crateris, which Dohko and Shion used to heal their wounds and drinking water Tenma sees her reflection in the future, Pegasus Seiya in a wheelchair. Shun appears several days later in the sanctuary, so that after a short fight, Shijima warned about betrayal, so they decide to go to the Temple of Aries. Shion appears on the scene, telling them not let them pass, but finally agrees when it appears Suikyo. Shun and Tenma reach the Temple of Taurus, but this does the same to feel the presence of 4 spectra, and then Suikyo. Arriving at the house of Gemini, decide to separate, Tenma takes the left path, but on entering is the true gentleman of Gemini, Abel. This used if another dimension, but is rescued by Shun who decides to return to rescue Tenma. Abel strikes again, but is interrupted by Suikyo latter replies that they escape into the temple of cancer if you do not want to die. Reached the fourth house, Shun and Tenma meet the gold saint of Cancer DeathToll who wants to kill them, which the traps in Omerta, the coffin of silence, and then throw them in the size threshold of the kingdom of the dead, the Yomotsu Hirasaka. Thanks to the intervention of Suikyo (which initially under the influence of mental Cain hit, hits Tenma making them risk their lives), and has put in place its own deception by Tenma, he can defeat the gold saint of Cancer, and then continue for the house of Leo. On the steps leading to the fifth house, Tenma speaks with Shun the meaning of war, with the hope that in the future, peace will then suffer an illness caused by blows to the fourth house and let go Shun alone. Shortly after Tenma reaches the fifth house and Kaiser meets the gold saint of the Lion who is fighting against Shun. Tenma clashes with Goldie, the huge lion friend of Kaiser, remaining at the end collapsed to the ground, while the fifth house a cosmos dark approaches. After a group of specter are defeated by the guardians of the 5th house, Tenma and Shun continued for the sixth house of the Virgin near which cedre see two shooting stars from the sky, which are Shiryu and Hyoga coming from the future. Entrants in the sixth house, the two bronze saint risk their lives for the sake of powerful defensive barrier of Shijima of the Virgin, but their help comes in the spirit of the gold saint of the Virgin of the twentieth century, Shaka, which helps the two to overcome the sixth house. Shun and Tenma in the garden of the house of the virgin (twins willows), find the armor of Crateris, it's bring with them, going to the seventh house...


  • Pegasus Ryūsei Ken: in a single second affects the opponent with hundreds of punches that look like meteors.


  1. Alternative writing is 天馬星座の天馬 (Tenma seiza no Tenba), roughly translated to "Tenba of the Flying Horse Constellation".
  2. Intended forced reading, as the kanji 天馬 would usually be read as Tenba.