Pegasus Seiya Is Character In Manga Saint Seiya Next Dimension sequel/prequel of the original manga of Saint Seiya.


Seiya manages to survive the blow of the sword of Hades being in a vegetative state. After returning to earth, is in the care of Athena in the vicinity of the shrine. However, the sword that wounded him while he was still buried spiritually. Athena and Shun depart for Olympus and subsequently into the past in order to find a way to save the life of Seiya, whom he has only 72 hours old. Later, Callisto, one of the commanders of the army of Artemis sends one of his angels to end the life of Seiya who had stayed at the Sanctuary of Athena.

The envoy is presented as the Angel Touma Asleep and he is about to destroy Pegasus feels that protects Athena Cosmo by chain Seiya holding flowers in her wrist. Eagle Marin arrives to face the enemy, recognizing him as a person close to her, so that Cygnus Hyoga force him to flee. Finally Marin and Shaina left to care for him.

To save Seiya, Athena and Shun go in eighteenth century, crossing the passage space-time of the god Chronos. Shun during the fight against the Gold Saint DeathToll of Cancer, the fourth house of zodicao, sees the spirit of Seiya in Yomotsu Hirasaka....continue...

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