The Pegasus Cloth  protection is the Pegasus Saint


Manga VersEdit

After the defeat of Saga, the surviving Gold Saints used their blood to repair the Bronze Saints Cloths who had fought so hard to save Athena. For Seiya was Leo Aiolia and the new Pegasus Cloth regenerates in a manner similar to the above, both in appearance and distribution of parts; New slimmer and with pieces that offer better protection to the body. This Cloth is included for the first protective time for the feet, also has the distinction of becoming golden when Seiya reaches the seventh sense, because it received the blood of an Gold Saint it was damaged during the battle against the god Poseidon and Marine general, but continued using it until Seiya Athena takes his life during the invasion of the spectra in Hades Sanctuary

Anime versEdit

While this version is very similar to the manga, the anime was a radical change from the first version, because the first anime designs were very different from the manga. About the gentleman no differences except for the color, and for being a, more like an animated project design slimmer. The cloth is quite different at rest, being more stylized and adding, again, pieces that never come to appreciate in the armor when carrying the Saint. The crown or helmet is not the horse's head, but a mere ornament on it. It is unknown what the head piece is itself decorated with red eyes. As in the manga, this cloth turns gold when the carrier reaches the Seventh Sense, and bear the battle against Poseidon and the first attack of Hades against the Sanctuary, but also would be used against the forces of Hilda of Polaris in Asgard, in an exclusive series of anime, prior to the battle against Poseidon.

Lost CanvasEdit

Anime versEdit

Tenma Armadura 2
The anime version of The Lost Canvas does not differ much from that of the manga, except for the usual styling design, which is especially noticeable in the arms, much less rough and complex, and the shape of the chest protector. The armor itself is resting quite different, showing a pegasus with right foreleg raised, and much more complex wings. The exact distribution of items is unknown, but it does not seem that much different from the manga version.

Manga VersEdit

Vers 1Edit

In The Lost Canvas manga, Pegasus Frame reaches version when it receives the blood of Asmita, and is repaired by Hakurei. Although when it is carried by Tenma is similar to the original versions, the armature at rest is quite different, showing a long-necked horse on all fours. The distribution is similar to the above, the horse's chest shape belt, body shape the shoulders and breastplate, wearing pegasus wings folded back. The leg protectors are formed by the front and rear paws. The left arm is formed by the tail of the horse, and right by the neck while the head forms the helmet. Despite not having received the blood of a god, this armor is also able to become the person wearing God Cloth ignite  maximum cosmo.


This is a new even more stylized than the previous version of Pegasus (Version 2 LC) version. It is the most original design Teshirogi the Pegasus Cloth, this seems to be a design evolved R5 Manga Classic (arc Hades), with more rounded leggings, a design of alternating belt more protection thighs plus more abdominal area covered by the breastplate, and protectors of the bulkier and modified arm (with flaps on the left arm) and more pointed. His shoulder pads give a similar version to the God Cloth are not just double straps on each shoulder effect. The neck has a protective symbols Mask wings and also some minor changes. This design was final after Owl Partita make significant damage to it, and tried to force out Tenma soul from his body - without success.


This version has never technically become used, as it appears only in the ending of the movie called Saint Seiya: Tenkai-Hen Joso Overture ~ ~, while the animation credits appear. Probably its existence and characteristics would be explained in the films that would continue the story, but the project was abandoned. From what little is shown, looks like a stylized version of version 5, including numerous blue and white ornaments shaped wings, further comprising protectors forearms.


Vers 1Edit

Koga de Pégase New Cloth
After the battle against Absu, facing a new enemy, the army Pallasites, when the cosmos Kouga explodes while he holds a Pegasus Cloth Stone damaged armor of Pegasus responds to its power and is reborn in a similar way to what happened with other cloth stones used by Saints who had awakened his seventh .The new cloth have the ability to evolve and regeneration according to the explosion of the cosmo of their own riders. The cloth is destroyed with the birth stone of this version of the armor, which is again stored in a Pandora's Box. It has a much higher resistance to stone cloth version, in addition to grant additional power to its rider.

Visually, there were also major changes. The helmet has a crystal, and is much more detailed; The posts are curved and also have a crystal on each side, and the collar continues to red details but without the light symbol; The part that covers the chest is more detailed, but smaller; Have the head of Pegasus and a crystal, and only protects the ribs; Bracelets only cover from the elbow; The belt, though it continues with a similar format, also has blue crystals; The legs remain similar, but now there are 2 crystals for each leg and the feathers were removed.


Pegasus Cloth Omega

Pegasus Cloth (Omega)

When Koga starts playing Omega Power, Pegasus New Cloth awaken Koga hidden power. Physically, the change is seen with the awakening of their wings, like those of v2 and v3 of the anime classic and the Lost Canvas. The feathers of these new wings, however, are composed of blue crystals.

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