Ver 1

Pegasus Koga ch05
The Pegasus Cloth Stone , as well as all other bronze armor , undergoes a transformation during the end of the first war between Athena and Mars, while Athena uses her cosmo to block the meteor of darkness sent to the battlefield by the god Absu . The resonance of the Athena Cosmo with the meteor causes a change in almost all Cloth .

The Pegasus Cloth STone took on a completely new design , but familiar . The Cloth has red accents , which are familiar to v1 armor in the classic series. The jambs are also pointed as well as v2 and v3 of the Classic series. Most of the armature has a silver color . The Cloth this time , protects almost the entire body of the rider, except the head , a little leg and a small arm. The cloth also has a collar that best protects the neck of the rider, and in it there is a symbol that resembles the element of Light His helmet has a hidden part behind the hair, and is also a tiara, but with an entirely new format . In this new version , the cloth got a fairer form the body of the rider and also lacks many divisions between the parts of the armor , resembling an outfit .

Besides the visual changes , the cloth gain the power of the elements , extending the power of riders capable of controlling elements . Moreover, they are no longer stored in the old pandora boxes , but in small Cloth Stone . Koga cloth has a blue stone characterized by a prism and the same prism is located in the breast, the knee and back of the arms of the armature .

Ver 2

Kouga Shin Cloth
Just before Kouga and his companions leave to face the gold saints, they had their armor repaired by Kiki, who used large amounts of his own cosmo to do it. The defending armor was expanded to the point of resisting the attacks of the Knights of gold, the heavenly kings and Mars itself. Moreover, they have undergone minor changes in shape.

The overall design remains the same as the V1, but with some changes: The right arm is completely covered, unlike before. The crystal, which was previously located at the elbow, was transferred to the back of his hand, and a new silver crystal was at the elbow. In addition, there are now several stripes and red accents on the right arm, giving a new feel. The left arm is bandaged Kouga, recalling Seiya and Tenma.