Pefko (ペフコ Pefuko?) is a young boy whose life was saved by Pisces Albafica, by killing the cadre of Skeleton soldiers who hunted him down.


Pefkos is a very cheerful and lively boy, who despite surprised that Albafika not want to be near him, respect him and kept at a safe distance for the Golden Knight not worry about affecting your health, because their blood is poisonous. When he was younger he fell very ill, and could not cure Luco, but Hypnos ( TLC ) offered to restore the health of the child in exchange for Luco became Hades server, which Pefkos not discover until much later.

Pefkos is a guide to Pisces Albafica when the Gold Saints reached the Island of healers in search of an evil presence Specter of Hades that Pope Sage has been detected in the island, although they are known before as Albafika saved Pefkos life about Spectrum yesterday. After introducing his teacher Albafika Luco, Pefkos explains that his master has changed, and that people who cure becomes servants of Hades at nightfall. Luco is revealed as the Dryads spectrum, and seeks to destroy Albafika and Pefkos, but the Knight manages to keep the child safe and defeat the Ghost, after which choose to continue their studies Pefkos to someday find the cure for poison Albafika blood.

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