The Pavo Silver Cloth is the Cloth that Shiva wears in Saint Seiya. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths.


The Peacock Cloth is based on the Peacock (Pavo) constellation, an animal known across many cultures for its beautiful plumage and feathers. The bird has served as a symbol of virtue and vice for many centuries, and has appeared in Greek, Persian and Indian mythology. Today, the peacock is usually more known for being a symbol of vanity. 

It appears famously in Greek myth, as the sacred bird of the goddess Hera, the queen of the gods, Zeus's wife, and the goddess of women, royal power and marriage. When Zeus attempted to hide his affair with a local nymph, Io, by transforming her into a white cow, Hera was not fooled and forced her husband to yield Io to her. Hera then placed the transformed girl into a pasture and had her most loyal guard, Argus, watch Io in case Zeus tried to rescue his lover.

Argus was a creature with one hundred eyes, which never closed all at the same time, making him a perfect guard. However, Zeus, to save Io, sent his son Hermes to defeat Argus. Disguising himself as a shepherd boy, Hermes played pipes and told stories to Argus until he'd managed to lull the guard into a full slumber, all eyes finally shut. Once asleep, Hermes beheaded Argus. In memory of Argus for his loyal service, Hera had his hundred eyes placed on the tail of the peacock and made the bird her special animal.

In Indian mythology, the peacock serves as the special mount of the god of war, Karthikeya. The famous Shah Jahan, one of India's historic emperors and known for building the Taj Mahal, had a Peacock Throne made when he gained rulership. 

Cloth HistoryEdit

Created by the alchemists of Mu along with the other 87 Cloths. Under the tutelage of Virgo Shaka, Shiva earned the right to wield the Pavo Cloth. When Athena's purge of the Sanctuary was underway, Phoenix Ikki kept helping them from a distance. Virgo Shaka ordered Pavo Shiva and Lotus Agora to defeat the Phoenix Saint. Things didn't go as planned and Shiva was defeated in the fight with Ikki and the Pavo Cloth came to remain there.


Like the Phoenix Cloth the Pavo Cloth has feather tails on the back, but it is unknown if they can be used as projectiles like the Phoenix's. The Pavo Cloth only exists in the anime, but the Pavo Constellation exists in Saint Seiya so a Cloth for it is bound to appear eventually, Silver or Bronze. For an anime made Cloth it has a lot more details than the previous Toei made Cloths, it is similar in looks to Masami Kurumada's design of the Cloths.


  • Senju Kami Onken (千手神音拳): While the user starts chanting a mantra the tail feathers rise up and with a build up of Cosmo the Pavo Saint unleashes forceful attack.


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