Pavo Mayura (孔雀座(パーヴォ)のマユラ Pavo no Mayura) The Pavo Silver Saint, she is considered one of the strongest still in Sanctuary.


The awakening of the goddess Eris

The meeting with Shoko

Once Kyōko becomes yoshiro Eris to protect his younger sister Shōko. She has Shōko is determined to save his older sister of the goddess Eris and change the fate placed both by the gods, she travels by car accompanied by Mii to the Togakushi Mountain where you can get proper training to become a Saintia and Mayura can wear the armor of her sister, to reach the young Mii Monatana Shoko goodbye wishing him luck with your training, what Shōko responds with determination not to surrender.

In the Togakushi Mountain Shoko up the stairs where he meets two young Mirai and Shinato, both consider the girl as an intruder (without taking into account what Shōko told them) and begin to attack until he falls unconscious, even though this wound and can not rejoin, crawling up the stairs to the chasm of the mountain, where they are Mirai and watch in awe Shinato that determination. On waking Shōko notes found in a cave surrounded by crows and turkeys real walking around the place is with Mirai and Shinato which tell your teacher wants to know, at that time Mayura is presented which is in a wheelchair, his body covered in bandages and covered by a mask rosto but even in the state that is it is capable of causing a wide intimidation Shōko he can not move his presence.

Mayura calls Shōko unfortunate fate of the girl (to the astonishment of the young), and explains that it seeks only his personal interest, seeking to gain power to rescue his sister, and that desire can become poison, since those emotions can make it an easy prey to the goddess Eris, and why he had chosen as his yoshiro, and everything will depend on whether it is able to master this poison which is accompanied by desires otherwise not be able to cope with Eris, the Mayura finished speaking disappears site.

Seeds of Evil

When Evil Seed have been released worldwide. A seed goes where is Shōko with Shinato Mirai and taking control of it using the desire to rescue his sister against him at that time and Shinato Mirai realize the evil presence in Shōko, but can not make nothing to stop her, she goes to where the armor of his sister but this refuses, then comes Mayura expressing his desire has corrupted and has let the Eris to take control of it as a poison, at his words, Shōko starts fighting the poison but can do nothing, Mayura is controlled and observed as being a girl who has born under the star of Eris malignant power is amplified in his body, so he decides to defeat

Mayura attacks Shōko with hymen Hajakuchōbuku with intent to destroy and / or cancel the "poison" of the Evil Seed in Mayura body, the powerful attack leaves the unconscious girl and before you recover your Bangōsenseki used to cover his body leaving sealed with stones, after what happened Mayura tells Mirai and Shinato that are not sure if the poison within Shōko can be purified and it is safer to die in the process. Inside the Bangōsenseki Shoko begins to be persuaded by evil spirits to Do corrupted by the poison, Shōko begins to remember his sister Kyoko, Mii and Saori, and intends to change his destiny to protect their loved ones at that moment raised his cosmos to the limit resulting in a huge explosion and which ends with the evil spirits that surround your body and destroys the Bangōsenseki. To get rid of Bangōsenseki, congratulates Shōko and Mayura as she managed to master the cosmos unconsciously and even that incomplete cosmos full of will that had the strength to counteract the poison, even when the desires can become poison can also become the source of unlimited power, and she has the misfortune color can change your destiny, to hear these rejoices Shōko


Feeling the onset of Eris in Saori Saori which is accompanied by Mii and Jabu, Mayura Shōko sent to detain the goddess, despite that she had not completed their training