Pandora (パンドラ Pandora?) is the woman responsible to "bring evil on Earth", as she is depicted in Greek mythology.


In the sequel to the original manga Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension - Myth of Hades, Pandora has a character equal to that of Pandora's manga Saint Seiya (Hades saga), even if it has a different hairstyle .. Its role was to be found in Aron sword of Hades and to awaken the god within him to bring him to his castle and to give orders to the former Knight of Athena, now specter of Garuda, Suikyo, to lead the attack on the shrine. A flashback revealed that she was Suikyo send the proposal to move to their side, on pain of eternal suffering of the soul of the dying brother Knight called Suisho. The ruse of this Pandora is to ensure that the strongest Knights of Athena will kill each other, relying on a group of traitors such as the High Priest and the Knight of Pisces, so that the army of hell can win easily the holy war. After the death of Suikyo took place at the Shrine, to order a troop of Spectre led by Vermeer of the Griffon (one of three Judges of Hades) to go to the Sanctuary to kill Athena ...


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