Like the skeletons of Hades, Pallasites Soldiers are the infantry of the army of the goddess Pallas. They are considered Fourth Class Pallasites, like revealed by Kelly in Omega episode 66. These pallasites can control cosmos and have their own Chronotectors with weapons like any other Pallasite, giving them higher combat habilities than a standard Steel Saint. They're armed with spears, axes, batons, and other weapons. The Chronotectors of Pallasites Soldiers differ according to the Commander of the unit.

Castle GuardEdit

SaintSeiyaOmega ep77 02b

Around Pallas' castle in Pallas Belda, there was an army of powerful Fourth Class Pallasites in blue Chronotectors. Their cosmo was said to be as strong as the cosmo of Third Class Pallasites.


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