The Pallasites are a group of Palladian warriors who wear armors called Chronotectors, which are similar to the Cloths of the Saints of Athena. As with the Saints, the Pallasites are ranked by class: 3rd Class (Tertiary), 2nd Class (Secondary), and 1st Class (Primary). Pallas is believed to be the primary antagonist of the second season of Saint Seiya Omega and the deity the Pallasites protect, but their true master is revealed to be Saturn, having taken human form as Subaru, who saved Tokisada and gave the Four Heavenly Kings their weapons.  

Pallasites 1st ClassEdit

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Pallasites 2nd ClassEdit

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Pallasites 3rd ClassEdit

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Pallasites 4th ClassEdit

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Pallasites with class unknownEdit

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Pallasites WeaponsEdit

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  • Pallasites are a reference to a rare type of meteorite, where a peridot-type gemstone is suspended in nickel-iron ore.
  • The term Pallasite seems to be a play on the word "parasite" and the name "Pallas", the deity the Pallasites were believed to serve.
  • Almost all of the Pallasites are named after moons of the planet Saturn. Others are named after asteroids, minor moons of Jupiter and Neptune, or Gallic deities.
  • Mira is the only Pallasite without a rank.
  • Tokisada, Europa, Aegaeon, Hyperion and Gallia are the only Pallasites not loyal to Pallas (not including Eden, who was in reality a spy), rather being loyal to "him", who was later revealed to be Subaru, or more specifically, his true identity: Saturn.

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