Pallasbelda (パラスベルダ Parasuberuda) is a Location that will appear in Saint Seiya Omega episode 64. The old palace where Pallas lives is remniscent of the cathedral of "Santa Maria del Fiore" (Firenze). In Saint Seiya Omega the Saints separates in four groups in four roads different.

Doors and RoadsEdit


The group is composed of Andromeda Shun (Omega), Pegasus Kōga, Aquila Yuna and Lionet Sōma. The first opponent is Mystic Stone Surt.


The group is composed of Cygnus Hyōga (Omega), Wolf Haruto, Orion Eden and Equuleus Subaru. The first opponent is Tokisada.


The group is composed of Libra Shiryū (Omega) and Dragon Ryūhō.


The group is composed of Saori Kido (Omega), Sagittarius Seiya (Omega), Aries Kiki, Taurus Harbinger and Virgo Fudō.

Phoenix Ikki (Omega) and Gemini Integra are the only ones who have not a set group.


Appearances Edit

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